Skydiving - Observe Weather, Understand it And Forecast it!

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Skydiving is a sport that is mainly governed by weather. You, as a skydiver, ought to have a clear understanding of the weather.

While skydiving, you are subject to being pushed in the direction in which the wind is going. During the freefall part of the skydive, it is the strength and direction of the wind that governs the run in, spotting and amount of time left between groups on exit.

Satellite pictures and forecasts can help you to gain a better understanding of the weather before you go for skydiving.

In case the weather is bad, you need not worry. There are many other skydiving related activities in which you can keep yourself busy.

For instance, in the winter season, when it is too cold to skydive, you can ask at the DZ about learning to pack. If you buy your own equipment, you need not spend much on packing.

If you are planning to get a license, make sure you get certain briefs like the ‘jumpmaster brief’ and the ‘flight line checking brief’.

You can also do a rigging qualification which will allow you to pack reserve parachutes.

But, if you willing to skydive in the cold weather, all you need to do is, keep yourself warm!

In order to keep yourself warm, you can use ‘thermal suits’ or ‘warm wear’. These are specifically made for this purpose by the jumpsuit manufacturers. These thermal suits are to be worn underneath your normal jumpsuit to keep your body warm.

Alternatively, you can wear silk inners inside your gloves, or even surgeons gloves. This will keep your fingers warm. Keep in mind that if your fingers become numb, you might face problem while finding the toggle.

Full face helmets that are warmer than the open ones, neck warmers made from fleece material, etc. are also included in the protective clothing needed when skydiving in cold weather.

In addition to protective clothing, warming up and stretching your body before skydiving is of utmost importance.

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