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To participate in the sport of rock climbing, you don’t have to be a super athlete. It is more a sport of grace and balance rather than one of strength. What is the allure of rock climbing anyway? You will usually come away from an encounter with ripped hands and various scabby body parts and there will be times where you will be scared out of your wits. For many people it is about exploring the natural world around you and finding the strength and perseverance buried deep inside of you.

How do you get started in the sport of rock climbing? You don’t need to be young or overly fit. Many people begin climbing later in life and there are excellent climbers of all ages. Climbing is not only about strength either. There have been many men who have been humbled, by a graceful female, and the apparent ease with which she clambers over the rocks. Rock climbing is mostly about balance and knowing your body, and how to reposition it in space. You have to be creative when you are rock climbing because you have to adapt to what the rock you are climbing has to offer you. Your legs and feet are your most important tools for getting you up, though your upper body gets a fairly good work out as well.

Rock climbing is about overcoming your fear of the unknown. It is about learning to trust your instincts and your body to help you get through some rough patches. Rock climbing can be a solo sport or a social sport. The bond that exists between climbing partners is quite strong because you have to trust that person with your life, without questions and no mistakes are allowed.

It takes years of practice to perfect the basic moves. Rock climbing comes in many styles. Some basic rock climbing includes bouldering, free rock climbing, traditional rock climbing, indoor climbing, ice climbing, and alpine climbing. You can learn the basics of rock climbing at an indoor climbing gym before you make the move to the great outdoors. The sport of rock climbing is a sport that will leave you breathless from the beauty that surrounds you and proud of yourself for getting to the top unscathed.

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