Soccer Training Tapes - Learning Goal Keeping Skills

Andre Botelho

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Soccer training tapes can be an effective mean to train the players various soccer skills, such as goal keeping. The task of a goalkeeper is fun and exciting in a different way.

However, if the team has good offensive skills, the task may sound boring because the opponent in that case gets fewer chance to attack and reach the goal. This reduces the role of the goalkeeper.

But still, the goalkeeper has the most crucial role to play in a game and when the opponent team attempts to shoot and score a goal, the goal keeper will have to do his best to prevent the goal. Overall, since the goalkeeper’s task is much different from other players, the coach needs to train him in a different way.

  • Pulling The Ball Tightly Into The Body
  • The goalkeeper is the only player who is allowed to use their hands to catch the ball. But, when they attempt catching the ball, they should pull the ball tightly into the body in order to ensure the possession of the ball. The coach must provide various training tapes to the goalkeepers.

    When they will watch again and again, how to catch the ball while pulling it tightly in the body, they will be able to do it efficiently. Training tapes can play a very important role for the goalkeepers.

    If you are coaching the younger players, instead of teaching them to pull the ball, you should teach them to cuddle the ball on the ground. But, while doing so, they should keep their body in front of the ball in a way that their shins, knees and feet could also help stop the ball.

  • The “W” And The “Heart” Way To Handle The Ball
  • “W” and “Heart” are the terms used to define two hand positions to handle the ball in a better way. “W” is the ideal way for the smaller hands. In this method, the goalkeeper has to place the tip of their thumbs together, with their palms toward the ball and fingers pointing upwards.

    On the other hand, the “Heart” is an ideal way for the bigger hands. In this method, the goalkeeper has to place the tips of the thumbs and the tips of the forefingers together.

    In order to get a better understanding of the goalkeeping techniques, the coach must supply sufficient soccer training tapes to the goalies.

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