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Here Is A Great Golf Swing Drill That Eliminates Your Slice In 10 Minutes Or Less


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I am going to tell you about a quick drill you can do to prove to yourself that you can hit a little draw and completely eliminate that nasty slice in 10 minutes or less. Providing you do exactly what you learn here.

First let's just take a minute and review the causes of slicing the ball.

In a nutshell, it is you causing the ball to spin left to right. Not backspin. Not right to left. Not overspin.

It is side spin left to right.

You do this by hitting the outside of the ball to inside the ball. Or outside the target line to inside the target line. Whichever will allow your mind to grasp the concept. It's the same thing.

Either way the clubface is generally open and you have swiped the ball with this open clubface.

It's a glancing blow. A near miss. An off center shot. A foul ball. It's one of those " I didn't get all of it"

The harder you hit it, the more it will slice. The more you try to correct it by aiming more left the more it will go to the right.

If the wind is blowing left to right, you are now in big trouble. You might as well sit the hole out. Saves balls and time.

Ok. . enough of this.

Here is how to eliminate the slice.

First, my pet peeve, you must have a good grip. A weak grip will not work. Your grip must be at least neutral and preferred slightly strong for purposes that will become clear in a moment.

Your left hand needs to be slightly on top of the club. Your right hand needs to be Exactly facing your left hand on the club. That would put the right hand more or less on the side of the club.

You should be able to see at least two and one half knuckles on your left hand.

For most of you slicers, this will seem mighty odd. You must trust this. I have said this many times already, but, I have never seen a good player with a bad grip. Under normal circumstances, a weak grip is a bad grip.

One might use a weak grip if trying to hit a fade left to right to fit a pin placement. But that's about it.

So can you please at least give a good grip a good try? It will pay big dividends to you later. Try to get used to it. Deal?

Now the drill. Take your good grip and a 7 iron. You will need to use a tee.

You will tee up a ball, a tad higher than normal for an iron, but a bit less than a driver.

Play the ball just a bit to the right of center in your stance. Keep you feet fairly close together, but not together. And make sure that you are exactly square to the target line. Not open.

You are going to drag the club to the inside so that it is parallel with the target line.

And parallel to the ground. The toe of the club will be almost pointing up, but not quite.

This is as far as you need to go on the back swing. There is no real weight shift and no big shoulder turn.

It is a very arms and hands move. Just let it happen.

Now push the clubhead into the INSIDE of the golf ball. Just enough to get it airbourne. Keep doing this until you notice the ball spinning right to left.

It may take awhile. But keep at it. Hit the inside of the ball. Your clubhead should never get near the target line behind the ball. It should go directly to the inside back of the golf ball. Directly from your back swing position.

Not around the ball. Never around.

Always use a tee. And as you begin to notice the right to left spin, you can then increase the speed of the downswing. And then the length of the back swing. Until you can no longer produce the right to left swing.

When and if that happens go back to the mini swing hitting the inside back of the ball. In other words. . start over. Over the next ten minutes or so you will begin to feel like you can actually draw the ball.

This is one of the very best and low stress drills you can do to get the correct clubhead path.

I do this every single time I hit practice balls. It's the first thing I do. I use it as a warm up and to remind me of the path and direction the clubhead needs to go on for a good golf swing to take place.

Try it! You will see great results.

A Simple Golf Swing is a thing of beauty. You could actually have one too, have a look if you want more information about how to develop a consistent Simple Golf Swing and shoot in the 80's in 14 days or less:


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