Lay Genius Review - Is It All Hype?


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You may have heard that laying horses is an easy way to earn money and profit, however nothing can be further from the truth. Laying horses is much harder than most people say it is, and I know because I’ve personally lost thousands of dollars by laying horses. After testing various old and new lay betting systems, I’ve finally settled on the ones that consistently rake in profits.

Anyone can lay horses today, especially with the rise of online betting exchanges. However, betting exchanges are also the death traps for many new and inexperienced gamblers, who pour in their cash and watch it flow into the hands of experienced gamblers who have powerful betting systems that work. By playing the role of a bookmaker, many lay bettors are profiting wildly from these newbie gamblers today.

Lay Genius is one horse laying system that is relatively new in the market. Initially, I did not have the intention to buy it at first, because I already have a successful laying system that is working well for me. However, after hearing many fellow professional Betfair traders giving me good recommendations about Lay Genius, and with so much hype surrounding Lay Genius, I decided to buy Lay Genius to see it for myself.

After reviewing the guide and the spreadsheet inside Lay Genius, I was very excited. Lay Genius did not look like it is simply a system for selecting horses to lay. Lay Genius is an overall strategy and method to select the very bad favorites. At first glance, the Lay Genius’s concepts appear simple and seem profitable from my experience. Contained inside the guide is the Lay Genius system itself, along with its spreadsheet that requires you to regularly make inputs to it. The Lay Genius spreadsheet will then automatically tell you which horse is the best one to lay. If you are a beginner in betting exchange betting, there is a section that fully explains how betting exchanges work and the general concepts of odds, backing and laying. It is great for beginners but obviously not so much for me. Learn to get free £20 Betfair amount too, even though I knew that one too. :) The added Bet-Tracker is really great though. Having a formulated spreadsheet to automatically keep track of your bets is a great time saver and find out whether what you are doing is working.

It was time to test out Lay Genius, and I decided to pit Lay Genius head-on against the most profitable laying system that I was currently using. After running both systems for a few weeks, the Lay Genius actually had a slightly higher strike rate than the current laying system that I was using! I cannot necessarily conclude that the Lay Genius is better though, since the amount of testing might be too little, and my current laying system has been working for years.

Take note that the Lay Genius does require some effort on your part to make it work, very little effort though. You will responsible to collect the information to input into system. Don’t worry as it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes of your day. Do remember to keep your expectations in check too. From my experience, there is no horse system with a 100% strike rate, do not believe those claims.

Finally, make sure that you have the discipline to follow the Lay Genius system too. Never lay based on your emotions and greed, even though you might think that you “would have" made more money if you have had put in more money. The Lay Genius is a mathematical system that has already calculated the maximum probabilities of winning and minimum probability of losing for you.

Currently priced at £46 ($88), Lay Genius is truly value for money and very well under-priced in my opinion, considering its real profit potential. In the past, below-average laying systems would appear on the internet and get all hyped up, claiming to be revolutionary and sell for £100 and above. Take one look at their membership areas and you will be absolutely disgusted. Do give Lay Genius a try if you are serious about creating an income on Betfair.

Kenneth Lim is a mathematician who has a passion for studying gambling systems. As of today, he has identified several very profitable gambling systems that are generating a good amount of profit. He runs a website at where he exposes the lay system scams and identifies the 2 best legitimate horse laying systems on the web.


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