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You can use decoys to make the job of hunting so much easier. You may be wondering why a decoy would be useful, many people think that it would actually give the game away. But believe it! A decoy will be extreemly helpful to you.

When you want to hunt deer, or any other animal for that matter, then the first thing you need to do is attract the animal towards you. If you make a grunt to call the deer then the other deer will hear it and stop there, they will look around, if they don't see any other deer then they will run away. However, if you use a decoy then using a grunt call stands more chance of working and attracting deer.

When you will make the grunt call the deer will automatically search around for another deer, when it sees your decoy, the deer will move closer to you. Now it's time to be ready as your target is getting closer to you. When it comes into range, then you can shoot your hunt, your timing has to be perfect.

This decoy works much better when the animal is in a rut, so you should follow this method in archery season. Don't forget to use some deer scent on your decoy, it will make the decoy much more attractive to your prey. You can tie a piece of thin plastic string to your decoys tail and hold onto it. Whenever the deer is watching your decoy you can use the string to move the tail, this makes it appear much more lifelike and encourages the deer to come towards you.

You should consider putting the decoy out in an open space so that the deer doesn't have any trouble seeing it from a distance. You should also take care of your decoy properly, make sure you never leave it outside when you're not using it. Make sure you place it inside a thick plastic bag so that no dust can get inside. Always use gloves to handle your decoy, otherwise you will give it your scent and may get a hand print on the paintwork. Take care of it while traveling and put it in the outside only when you are using it.

So there you go, decoys really are a great option of attracting your target towards you. If you need to, you can use more than one decoy. Put one decoy behind another one, this makes it much more likely that the deer will approach your decoy. Put scent over all of the decoys and make the grunt sounds so that the deer will search in the direction of that call and come towards you. It's really a fun when hunting with the help of decoys.

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