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Golf Instruction - Here Are Some Quick & Easy Fixes For When Things Go Wrong While Playing


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You have finally found the time to get out on the course and put into play the golf lesson you have been practicing for the last few weeks.

Your golf swing instruction has finally kicked in and you feel you are ready to expose your " A " game to your playing partners.

So off you go. You are on the first tee, you get ready to use your learned swing that your golf instruction has provided you.

You tee it up and let it go. " Great shot" they yell. Straight down the middle and " oh my, it's actually quite long as well"

You are incredible satisfied that you have accomplished the one thing you thought would be so hard. Your drive is great, golf lessons do work and man, are you ever happy.

You select your club for your approach shot and hit a little knock down right at the pin. Just what you had invisioned in your mind. Nice shot. A tad short of the pin, but, again a good golf shot.

Thanks once again to that golf swing instruction.

This repeats itself for the next four holes as you repeat one good swing after another.

Now you are in the zone. What a feeling. One you have never felt until now. Off to the sixth tee box.

A par 5, straight ahead. Kind of a no brainer hole. Hit it straight, lay up, chip and two putt for par or get lucky and sink a putt for birdie. Good plan.

You tee it up. You have confidence. You take your swing and . . . . . . . . . . oooooooooops you slice the crap out of it. It's way right! Damn it! Where the heck did that come from? Well it's only one shot, and it's a par 5 so you know you have three shots to the green anyway. Good thing to.

You find your ball on a slight uphill, side hill lie. And you decide to lay up a little further back than you normally would. Just to be safe. You drag a six iron out of your bag and set up to bump it down to the 135 yard mark or so.

You take you set up, swing with mindful purpose and . . . pull hook to the other side of the fairway, then through the fairway into the deep rough.

Crap! Not this again.

A sinking feeling creeps into your belly, a familiar dread that grips you and your thought process. Hope and confidence slowly seeps out of your very being.

Reducing you and all that is you, to a bowl of shimmering jelly with no thoughts of possible recovery.

This is all happening to you before you even get to your next shot. And the fall from feeling great about your game to feelings of useless muck is growing with every inch that you move toward your ball.

But now you take just a moment to reflect on your last golf instruction. What did your instructor tell you about this? That it probably would happen? Not to worry ? Just play though it?

No. . what he said was: " when you start to lose it, remember to get back to the basics, and do it immediately"

What he meant was to go all the way back to basics. Starting with the grip, setup, alignment, and then use the swing keys that got you into the practice mode that worked on the range.

Do not make it up as you go along. Do not try something “new" Use what had worked on the range.

If you can remember what your major mistakes were before the golf lesson, and then remember what the fix was, you will be well on your way to recapturing that great feeling you had during the first five holes of your round.

Want an example? Ok . . let's say you were working on fixing your slice. Your golf instruction was to make sure that your swing path “was not over the top" So you began by making sure you get a good weight shift and that your path is from the inside of the target line.

When you revert to your old swing during a round and start to beat it like an old drum, then make sure you review the golf lessons in your mind and take a number of excellent practice swings before you hit it again.

Be swing orientated not results orientated. Get a good swing and the results will take care of itself.

I hope this helps.

A Simple Golf Swing is a thing of beauty. You could actually have one too, have a look if you want more information about how to develop a consistent Simple Golf Swing and shoot in the 80's in 14 days or less:


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