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Golf – 3 Feet Rule And The Inside Out Technique To Improve Your Golf Swing


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Probably the toughest part, of the game of golf is mastering the golf swing. Even more controlling the ball as it is smacked off the tee can be much harder. Even after years of experiments and much practice there has been no consistent method developed for driving a straight long ball. To help correct this a golfer should master the inside out golf swing as it will help reduce the number of tee shots careening to the right.

The inside out shot simply involves the first 3 feet of the swing and the take away. The inside out golf swing does not reference swinging the golf club in the direction of your ankle and then at the very last minute to the ball.

A lot of weekend golfers usually go to the golf driving range with the aim of trying to hit the ball of far as they possibly can with the aim of trying to outdrive other golf players. The best use of their time is to practice the inside out golf swing, which helps in reducing their slice.

Most new golfers will address the ball to begin the golf take away, in general most pull back on the club but instead of doing so with both arms do this with their left arm. The result of this is that it causes the club to drift slightly inside while their hands remain on the front.

The best way of using the inside out golf swing technique is to make sure your hands do not rest on the clubs front during the backswing while trying to make sure as much as possible that it does not occur when attempting a cut shot or a fade. The beauty of this technique is that it allows the golf club to travel on the same plane going up as it did coming down bringing the clubs face square on impact with the ball.

The good news is that the inside out golf swing works with practically any golf club but particularly well with short irons, because it brings the golfer close to the pin helping to eliminate unwanted forty foot puts through multiple modulations and gullies on the green which you might find you are not able to read.

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