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Increase Vertical Jump: Optimize Your Vertical Jump Potential With Upper Body Exercises


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Many athletes mistakenly believe that the best way to increase vertical jump is by focusing their vertical jump exercises specifically for the legs. However, if you are not performing any vertical jump exercises targeting your upper body then you are allowing your upper body to become your weakest link. This article will discuss how to increase vertical jump with upper body exercise workouts and the principles that must be followed. Keep reading to download your own free vertical jump exercise workout used by over 2000 athletes worldwide to increase their vertical jump.

The human body operates as a unit and your body is only as strong as your weakest link. Many athletes believe wrongly that the only exercise to increase vertical jump targets the lower body. In fact, you can actually ruin the potential to increase your vertical jump by purely focusing on your legs. If you want to optimize your vertical leap to its potential then don't allow any part of your body to become your weakest link.

Here is a quick rundown of the principles that must be followed when performing upper body exercises to increase vertical leap:

It is important when designing an upper body vertical jump exercise to increase vertical jump that your program follows the same principles that you have created for your lower body vertical jump workout.

If a vertical jump increase if your focus it's important that you measure your sets, reps and rest on a vertical jump workout system that has been specifically designed around your unique athletic abilities and desired vertical jump increase.

As with the quads and hams, it is very important that there your opposing muscle group imbalances ie biceps to triceps and chest to back, as this will ultimately increase your chance of injury and decrease your chance of a vertical jump increase.

An effective upper body vertical jump workout is frequently ignored by athletes. However, if you are serious about a vertical jump increase then it's important that you not ignore the upper body when targeting your vertical jump workouts as upper body exercises definitely help increase vertical jumping ability. It is critical that your vertical jump workout focuses on your upper body and lower body so that your body continues to work as one unit and does not suffer any harmful imbalances.

If you are after a vertical jump increase then download your own FREE vertical leap exercise workout program below that has already helped over 2000 athletes, including pros and Olympians, improve their vertical jump more than they could have imagined.

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