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Super Vertical Jumpb - Target These Major Muscles & Get A Super Vertical Jump Fast


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Athletes wanting to increase vertical jump are often stumped about what major muscles they should be focusing all their attention on. This article will dispel all the major muscle myths for a super vertical jump plus give you free instant access to a powerful vertical jump workout system used by more than 2000 athletes worldwide to improve vertical jump.

In your quest for more height it's critical that major muscle groups are not ignored for the more common muscles focused on in vertical jump programs. Here's a brief rundown of the major muscles that you should not be ignoring in your quest for a super vertical jump:

1. Abdominals. Many athletes are surprised at this. However, a standing vertical jump actually uses your abdominals in a very similar way that abs are used in running. Although abdominal crunches are one of the most hated exercises they are important and should never be ignored in your quest for a super vertical jump.

2. Calf muscles. Your calf muscles are critical in giving your super vertical jump the power it needs to really reach amazing new heights. There are many calf muscle exercises that can be easily done at home without weights. Such vertical jump exercises include jump roping (with or without weights), toe raises (with or without weights), and rapid stair climbing.

3. Hamstrings. Of course a lot of focus is always put on the quads, however, as the opposing muscle group hams are really just as important and should not be ignored. It's important that there be as little imbalance in your vertical jump workout as possible to achieve the best vertical jump increase as you possibly can.

4. Quads. The quads are the major focus of a lot of vertical jump workout programs, however, they should never be the only focus. In fact, no part of your body should be the “only" focus as your body is one unit and must operate in harmony within all its muscle groups.

5. Gluts. In fact, the gluts are one of the key vertical jump exercises and are the key in any jumping activity.

If you want a super vertical jump then I advise you to focus on all major muscle groups to increase your vertical jump. It's important that no muscle group is absolutely ignored and that you work all of these five groups equally. However, if you feel that one of these muscle groups is, in fact, weaker than another muscle group then to get a super vertical jump increase simply go to the gym and do a specific vertical jump workout that targets only that one muscle group. With just a little commitment on your part and the right guidance you will be on your way to a substantial vertical jump increase in no time at all.

Of course exercise is only one part of the super vertical jump puzzle. It's time to blitz your competition on the court. If you are after a vertical jump increase download your own FREE vertical jump exercise workout program below that has already helped more than 2000 athletes, including pros and Olympians, improve their vertical jump in the shortest amount of time possible.

Wait! Download my FREE vertical jump program. Don't give up on your vertical jump . An increase in vertical jump and an easy step by step vertical jump program can land you the athletic career, lifestyle and money you've always dreamed of. Find out how to get both at . . . PLUS download your FREE vertical jump program here followed by Olympic and NCAA organizations at !


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