Tips For Taking Proper Care Of Your Skis


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Ski equipment can be very expensive. Systematic maintenance can save you a lot of money. Your skis will be durable and provide you with better conduct on the slopes. You can either get them tuned and waxed at a pro shop, or do it at home yourself. It’s not problematic and instead of getting them professionally tuned, buying the tools yourself is a better option.

You need proper machinery for only one thing and that is stone grinding the base. It is recommended you do it a couple of times a season and the best place would be to drop it off at a ski shop with a stone grinder. The base of the ski becomes buffeted and the edges become burred. This has an adverse effect on your ski performance and subjects the skis to overabundance of moisture which alters its shelf life.

Some primary ski care every 5 – 10 ski days can keep your skis in good shape. After being waxed, the edges must be sharpened. Simultaneously the bindings can be looked at to ensure they aren’t maladjusted.

Waxes are made according to their suitable temperature conditions. The ways of application are two - rubbing and melting. While rubbed wax has higher chances of wearing off, hot wax definitely is more durable. A special waxing iron or an old clothes iron can be used in order to apply hot wax. To begin with, let the hot wax drip along the base of each ski. Smooth the hot wax using the iron and keep the ski aside. After the wax solidifies, a rubbing pad can be used to polish it.

The sides of the skis have steel edges which facilitate turning and stopping. There is a possibility of them becoming nicked and gauged if you stone them or if they are banged together. You can test its smoothness by running your finger along the edge. The edges should be sharpened incase of any nicks and burrs. It requires some amount of skill to sharpen skis unlike waxing them which is far easier. You must make it a point to avoid removing too much metal. It is advisable to use an edging stone to remove burrs with a back and forth movement and keeping the angle of the stone constant on the ski.

Giving your skis a coat of wax before storing them for summer is an effective way of protecting them from moisture and also preventing them from rusting along the edges. While in storage the bases will absorb the wax giving them a more impervious texture.

It is advisable to loosen the release mechanisms on the bindings in order to prevent the springs from losing their tension. Set them back again before hitting the slopes next winter or better still for maximum safety have a technician to set them for you.

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