How To Make Money From Personalized Golf Balls

Gordon Bryan

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The world of personalized golf balls is a great niche to tap into to make money. There are a few ways to do it, and I'd like to cover 3 of them, including the technique I personally use.

I love golf for 2 reasons. Firstly it's good fun! I love playing (very badly I might add!) and love watching.

Secondly I love golf because it provides an online market which is more than willing to spend money, and in order to grab some of that money, you simply need to offer the market what it wants.

The personalization of golf equipment may be most obvious with the ball, but someone who pays for that will pay for all sorts of other stuff to be personalized.

Did you know that ‘personalized golf balls’ as a phrase is searched for online a huge amount of times each and every month?

This is highly targeted traffic, because when someone types that phrase into a search engine, we know what they are after - personalized golf balls! We don't need to guess what they want.

So, how can we profit from this market?

Firstly we can be an affiliate for a company that offers the product. The advantages are that we don't need any stock, we don't need a website, we just drive traffic to the site, and earn a commission from any sales generated. Those commissions can add up too, because with a minimum order of 1 box of balls for $50, when you take into account the other offers on the site which also offer us commission, it can be a good earner.

The only downside with this method is that you are competing with all the other affiliates - great for the company, not so good for all the affiliates!

The second method is to set up our own operation to provide personalized golf balls and other gear. The obvious advantage is that we get to keep all the profit, but the equally obvious disadvantage is that we have to pay out lots in advance, for the stock, website creation, traffic generation, etc, etc. That's why I wouldn't use that method.

The third method is the one I use. You don't need a website, or upfront expense - in fact it can be run and maintained at zero cost.

It's providing information. Information is easy to produce and distribute with today's technology. People ready to pay for personalization of golf gear will absolutely be interested in information which tells them how to get the cost covered for free!

How about information which tells them how to earn a lot of money from the world of golf, so they can buy as much personalization as they'd ever want!

It really is a simple way to make money online, and once the work is set up, it continues to work on autopilot!

It works for me, and there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be working for you today, so hopefully I've excited you about how you can make money from the world of personalized golf balls.

Gordon Bryan is the author of ‘Make Money From Sport, ’ a guide where he takes you through the single technique he uses again and again to profit from any sport - for just $7! Find out more at:


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