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You can get hard travel bags and soft travel bags, and your decision should be based on your golfing travel needs rather than any other consideration. Price is important, of course, and that will also make a difference as to what you finally opt for, but the type of travel you are involved with is the most important factor.

Air Travel is Hard on Golf Clubs

Air travel can be hard on golf bags and their contents. It is not always possible for baggage handlers to treat golf bags any different from other forms of baggage, and accidents do tend to happen. The hard bags provide the highest amount of protection and the soft bags the lowest amount. The hard bags, however, are the higher priced. The soft bags are easier to carry.

Golf clubs are expensive, and their value to many golfers is greater than their replacement cost. To many their clubs are irreplaceable, irrespective of how much they are insured for; you can’t insure experience in use or sentimental value. It can take a golfer years to recover a game lost with a set of clubs. You can’t insure for that. The good golfers tend to travel more and the hard travel bags give them that bit more insurance against damage in transit.

The Average Golfer Travels less than a Professional

On the other hand, the average golfer tends to travel a lot less that a pro, and then mostly by auto. For many it involves no more than a few miles drive to the golf course. All they need is a bag case that will provide them with average protection during a car drive. A soft cover case is probably good enough, and they have the benefit of less bulk, lightness and better maneuverability. You can get all the rest of the options that come with the more expensive hard covers without paying so much for them.

The question of bulk is a valid one. The hard golf travel bags are so bulky that they won’t fit in all vehicles. Some hire vehicles have trunks that are too small, and an appropriate automobile has to be ordered from the hire company in advance. Not so with the less bulky soft covered case. It’s also easier to get in and out of the trunk, though you must make sure that it has decent handles when you buy it.

All is not Black and White Between Hard and Soft Travel Bags

Another feature you should check out is the security strap arrangement. Your golf bag should be able to be strapped securely into whatever type of travel bag you choose. If not, it will bang about inside and your golf clubs might get damaged. Especially with a soft case: here you must pack it properly and protect the club heads with clothing or towels to make sure that they cannot move around. This is something you must take into serious consideration when checking out the soft travel bag of your choice. Make sure it can secure the clubs and the club heads as well as the golf bag.

These are the major consideration when shopping for travel golf bags , and all is not black and white. Both the hard and the soft varieties have their merits and your choice should be based on the amount and type of travel you do. It is not always the most expensive that is best for you.

About the author: Curt Smith is a golf writer who writes for many golf websites. He is the main writer for the new golf travel bags tips site. For more travel golf bags information, visit today!


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