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You Can Fix A Golf Slice If You Know What Causes It


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You can fix a golf slice if you know what causes it. There are several causes for a golf slice, some common, others not so. However, if you know what you are doing wrong, then you can put it right.

Never compensate with the direction of your shot to overcome a slice. This does not cure the problem. It is a means of compensation that results in loss of accuracy and distance. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so if you use a curved line to get there you are expending energy and losing distance in achieving it. You could be throwing away shots by aiming left to overcome a slice.

It’s All Down to Drag

A slice is caused by a spinning golf ball having more drag on one side than other. The right hand side for a right handed golfer slicing the ball will be spinning away from the direction of travel, while the left hand side will be spinning into the direction of travel. There is therefore a difference in air friction between the two sides and the ball curves out right

What you need to do is identify the reason for this difference in spin. Ideally you want no sideways spin at all, just a back spin that works to make the ball travel farther by forcing it upwards.

Find the Cause and you can Find the Cure

So find out the cause of this sidespin. There are several minor reasons, like turning your chest over the ball before you hit it, or over-rotation of your shoulders, but the most common are hitting across the ball due to a poor stance or swing mechanics, and a failure to straighten the club before the strike.

You can fix the latter by strengthening your grip. This does not infer that you must hold the club any tighter, but that you grip the club farther to the left. Grip as normal then turn your grip around to the left an inch or so. You then drive the ball and check out how straight the ball goes. If you need to adjust your grip, then do so and try it again. Obviously this should be done on the driving range and not during a game.

If All Else Fails, try a Pro or a Golf School

You should be able to sort out your slice in this way, but if not, then get a pro to check out your swing, or take a golf school vacation. You will come away with a perfect swing and will have sorted out all your slice problems. That’s not to say you won’t ever slice again: even Tiger still slices the ball now and again, but like Tiger and all the rest of the tour players, you will know what to do when it happens.

Manage to identify the cause, and what to do to overcome it, and you will have a tremendous advantage over other ordinary players. Most people slice, and most have no idea what causes it or how to fix a golf slice . You do now though, don’t you?

About the author: Curt Smith is a golf writer who writes for many golf websites. He is the main writer for the new golf instruction site. For more golf swing instruction information, visit today!

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