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Do you want to start catching more trout today? If you want to catch more trout, the easiest way to do that is to begin to learn more and more about how trout behave. Just like every living creature on this planet, there are some things trout prefer and some things they don't. I'm going to do my best to enlighten you about a few of the things trout prefer, so as to help you catch more as soon as possible.

Clear Running Water - Trout prefer cool, clear running water. You will always have more success when the water is either clear or off color just a bit. High, muddy water is the hardest time to catch trout. The tint of the water matters in lakes as well. The less stained the water is the more success you'll have.

Cloudy Skies - I've always caught more trout when the sky is cloudy. Cloudy skies have always out fished “blue bird" skies.

Natural Presentation - Trout, whether they be rainbow, brook, cutthroat, or brown always seem to prefer that the bait look as natural as possible. Fly fishermen have always known this. That's why their fly's so closely resemble a real bug. Making your bait, whether it be a worm, minnow, hellgrammite, leech, or cricket, presenting in the most natural way possible is paramount to success. Gang hooks are a great way to accomplish this, for you bait fishermen. You want your bait to look like it doesn't have any hooks in it.

If A Technique Isn't Working, Change It - The best way to tell you about this trout catching tip is to give you an example. For Example if you've been throwing a 1/8 ounce black rooster tail around for an hour without a bite, you need to change it. Try a white one, or a little bigger size. Trout can be incredibly finicky at time and on occasion will only bite a certain color and size. I've had exactly this happen. I had been fishing for three hours without as much as a bite. I changed to a 1/8 ounce brown rooster tail and almost immediately caught 3 nice rainbow trout. My normal rule of thumb is if something doesn't work within a forty five minute window of time, it's time to change it up a bit.

Use The Weather And Moon To Your Advantage - This costs you nothing but a little time and can pay huge dividends. A little research into how the weather and moon affect fish can be the single biggest factor to you catching more trout today. It truly is amazing how much more active fish are under certain conditions.

Begin using these pointers, and you will start catching more trout today; it's as simple as that. Catching trout consistently can be challenging, but with time and practice you'll become a better and better angler. When I refer to catching trout and catching trout consistently, I want everyone to realize that I'm not talking about small fish (twelve inches and under). Anyone can catch small trout consistently. I'm referring to the nice trout, twelve inches and bigger, with a particular interest in those trout that run eighteen inches and bigger. Those are the big fish that I am referring to and personally spend my time fishing for.

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Trout Species - Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout
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