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Golf Swing Paths


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If you have ever watched golf, you have no doubt heard the term “swing path". The golf swing path is, simply put, the path in which you swing the club on. Though it is easily understood, it is much harder to do correctly. Every golfer knows that if your swing path is not correct, it will result in a whole lot of ugly shots.

Every golf swing has two separate golf swing paths. There is one golf swing path for the back swing, and one for the down swing.

For your back swing, your height and the distance you stand from the ball determine the correct angle of this path. Begin your take away by keeping the club head low and your hands as far away from your head as possible. This helps you create a larger arc and gain club head speed. As your shoulders turn and the club head rises keep the club on this path. Picture an imaginary line from the ball to the target. If you can keep the club on this golf swing path, you will have the club correctly aligned at the top of your swing, which is critical as you begin to transition to the down swing.

There is no absolute correct golf swing path. Your build will determine the correct path for you. For instance, if your legs are shorter than your arms, you will naturally create a shallow golf swing path. Just as, if you are long-legged, your path will naturally be steeper. It does not really matter as long as your club is parallel at the top your swing.

You begin your down swing by bumping your hip to the left (for the right-handed, lefties reverse). This will automatically get your club on the right golf swing path. When your shoulders begin back, this changes the path slightly. It will no longer be directly down your target path. It will be slightly out to the right of the target. You are on the correct path; you have swung from the inside out.

If you are on the correct golf swing path, you will eliminate the dreaded over the top swing. Swinging over the top kills your distance and makes you a very inconsistent golfer.

Practicing your golf swing path daily helps the movement become automatic. Perfecting this aspect of the golf swing will help you become a more consistent golfer, which, of course, makes the game more fun. There are many devices and books out there to help you learn to do this. Once you feel you have it down, have a professional take a look at your swing just to make sure you have it down correctly.

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