Important Soccer Moves

Andre Botelho

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There are several soccer moves that a coach need to train his team about. Some of the soccer moves are explained below.

  • Dribbling
  • An expert coach knows that dribbling is one of the most important skills in soccer. Dribbling is the ability of the player to move the ball up and down the field.

    In order to dribble, the player has to move the ball back and forth from one foot to the other. The coach can train the players to do this by shoving, pushing, tapping, or nudging the ball with the inside, outside, or sole of the foot.

  • Push Passing
  • Passing is equally important for the soccer players to have impressive command in. Passing is the ability of a team to move the ball down the field, from one player to another. The coaches need to teach his players regarding the several different types of passes.

    The push pass is the most common type of passing. In fact, every soccer player uses this passing and the major reason for this is that it is the most accurate of all passes.

    In order to execute a push pass, the coach should train the players to use the inside of the foot and strike the ball in the middle, planting the non-kicking foot alongside of the ball and following through with the kicking foot in the direction that the player wants the ball to go.

    The most important thing in passing is that the players must learn to keep their eyes on the ball as they make the pass.

  • Long Passing
  • Long passing is another important type of passing in soccer. When you want to pass the ball to a teammate who is far away, you need to execute a long pass.

    In order to teach the team how to execute a successful long pass, the coaches should instruct the players to approach the ball at a slight angle, keeping the non-kicking foot to the side and slightly behind the ball, and striking the ball low, with the instep, and following through with a full swing.

    One important thing in these soccer moves is that the foot should follow through in the direction in which the pass is made.

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    6 Important Soccer Coaching Tips
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