3 Golf Driving Tips To Use Right Away!

Gordon Bryan

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I'm going to give you 3 golf driving tips which you can use right away to help you get there! If you're wondering where exactly ‘there’ is, well if you're anything like me, in love with the magical game of golf, you'll also be constantly searching for that most elusive thing - the consistent, long drive.

Ok, let's get down to those tips -

Golf Driving Tip 1 - Use new clubs. This may sound obvious, but as with most things in golf, sometimes it's easy to overthink!

The technology in the sport is moving forwards all the time, and if your driver is more than 18 months old, the chances are that there will be a better club on the market, which if you play exactly the same shot, will give you a better end result every time.

Tip 2 - Let your subconscious play the shot.

As with most sports, most things in life actually, it's the subconscious that acts for us. The brain is instructed by the subconscious mind, for example you are reading this very article using an unbelievable number of thought processes, all handled by your subconscious. It's the same when you hit a drive. Yes, you use your conscious mind to learn how to play the shot in the first place, and to make any changes if needed, but once you can hit a drive, don't confuse your subconscious with all those conscious thoughts! The main culprit is thinking of hitting the ball harder.

This just simply tells your subconscious mind that it needs to do something different that what it already does.

The tee is *not* the place to do this, as your conscious mind will take over, and in trying to hit the ball harder, you'll most likely end up doing the opposite!

Tip 3 - Get in shape.

The golf swing puts unusual stresses on the body, and if you are not physically prepared to cope with those stresses, you won't be able to handle the required movements. I dread to say it's another obvious golf driving tip, but if you do no work at all on your back, shoulder or arm muscles, get started!

So there we are, none of them too difficult, and you can apply them all to improve your game. I hope you've enjoyed my golf driving tips.

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Driving a Golf Ball
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