NASCAR Racing Party for the Kids for a Roaring Fun Time

Gail Leino

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Your kids will certainly get into the NASCAR Racing scene if one or the other parent is into the sport as well. Kids love to mimic their parents, but better yet they often develop a life long love of the sport they are introduced to with their parents creating happy memories. So you can do your best to create happy memories for your kids by throwing a NASCAR Racing party that focuses or includes them and not just the adults. This is done by creating fun activities for the kids when they get a little bored watching the races, getting good food out on the buffet table, and setting out lots of NASCAR Racing decorations.

Some fun NASCAR related activities for the kids can be just about anything related to the sport. Have the kids build their own NASCAR car out of some cardboard boxes, markers, crayons and NASCAR stickers. Don’t forget the glue or tape to hold everything together. At the end the parents can get together and give out little awards based on the special merits of each of the kids NASCAR’s. You can also download and print out some free NASCAR or sports related coloring pages for the kids to fill in if you don’t think you’ll be up to having them build their own cars. Lastly, why not have the kids get into teams and do a mock NASCAR race around the lawn. They can just run, but you can put stickers on them to signify which team they are pretending to be. If there are a lot of kids at your party then you can have them for tag teams and do a relay race for endurance.

Put up lots of NASCAR racing decorations, balloons, stickers, wall hangings and give out lots of party favors for the kids. You can easily pick up NASCAR and racing related bobble head figures, pencils, stickers, and other items. For the buffet table and paper supplies you can find NASCAR racing themed paper plates, napkins, and tablecloths to keep up the party theme.

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