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Are you looking to improve your golf game? Who isn’t? Even Tiger Woods spends countless hours on the practice range where he utilizes the eyes of his coach and the best technology available. For those of us who do not have Tiger’s budget or arsenal of coaches, our best bet for improvement might come with the use of a golf training aid. But with so many golf training aids to choose from it is hard to know which one is best for you.

Golf is a game of many facets; driving, chipping, putting, iron shots, and everything in between. Before you decide on a golf training aid, you have to determine what is ailing your golf game. If your driving is suffering, then perhaps you should investigate the golf training aids that will help you correct a slice, make better contact, or make a proper shoulder turn. If your iron play is not what you want it to be, then you might look to golf training aids that will help correct your ball striking, balance, grip, or release. If your putting is hit or miss, then there are golf training aids that can help you establish a consistent swing path, ball position, or even a new method for looking at the ball. There are golf training aids that can help you in every aspect of the swing, but as every golfer knows there is more to golf than just swinging the club.

Recent years have seen an explosion of golf training aids that focus on the mental side of the game. The great Bobby Jones once noted that golf is a game that is played between the ears, and there are countless golf training aids that are devoted to that very concept. Whether the medium is books, videos, DVDs, or even audio devices that one can listen to while on the range, there are as many mental golf training aids on the market as there are golf training aids that focus on the actual swing, and all of them are designed to help you make confident and proper decisions throughout your round.

So take time to reflect on your game in order to decide where your focus should lie. If you are slicing the ball or making poor contact, then focus on golf training aids for the full swing. If you are missing too many putts, then look to golf training aids that will help you establish a consistent putting stroke. And if you usually play well until the pressure of a good score or a close match brings you down, consider golf training aids that will address the mental side of the game. No matter what direction you turn, you are not alone. Millions of golfers, including the professionals on the PGA Tour, use golf training aids in one form or another because every golfer hopes to improve their game.

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Golf Mental Training Aids
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