7 Tips For Proper Golf Alignment


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Alignment is essential in the game of golf. If you are highly misaligned, chances are, the golf ball will not go where you intend it. Golf novices usually commit this common error of swinging out of alignment.

But as in any defect, golf or otherwise, there's always something to do to correct it. To properly improve your golf putting alignment, here are some good tips to follow:

1. Position yourself about ten feet behind the ball. This is your first step to achieve the right alignment. You have to stand directly behind the ball. Make sure that you keep it between you and your target. And then, hold your club at the grips.

2. Now select a mark on the ground that is about three feet from the ball in line with the hole or the target. Memorize that spot because you are going to use it as a reference to address the ball and to aim your clubface later on.

3. Walk up to the ball. Go right where the ball is, still with regard to the mark on the ground that you designated. Do not lose focus on your designated mark even as you move. Stand parallel to the target line. Keep your feet together and put your aim on the ball. Formulate how you are to drive it into the hole.

4. Address the ball. Keep your body lean and square on your designated target line. Position your feet in accordance to the club, which you intend to use for the shot. The main idea here is to make sure that the lines corresponding to the tips of your toes, your knees, your hips, and your shoulders should all be in parallel to the target line.

5. Put the club behind the golf ball. You are now ready to make the shot. This time, you are to make sure that the club lies squarely in front of the ball. Your proper alignment, coupled with good swing fundamentals, should be enough to make the ball go straight into the hole with every shot.

6. Keep on practicing to master the alignment rules. If you can't do it this way, try to put a golf club on the ground and do everything from the start. Put the club about five yards to the right of the target. That is, if you are left-handed. It's going to be five yards to the left if you are right-handed. Stand behind the club and line up your toes in parallel with it. Keep practicing for around 20 shots at a time. Then if you are confident enough, try it again without the clubs. See if you can do it on your own, without the guides.

7. If you still can't do it, try it with two clubs. Instead of just putting one club against your feet, put another near the golf ball. That way, you can also compare if the target line you focused on is really in line with the ball and the target. And so you'll be able to train not only your body but your sight as well.

With all these, you should be able to make the necessary adjustments to your golf game alignment. You are surely going to improve your game. If you do so successfully, you can beat most of your friend in a good game.

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