Playing Varsity Volleyball: Top 5 Ways to Get the Varsity Volleyball Coach to Notice You!

April Chapple

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1. Come Early, Leave Late to Practice.

Okay funny story but you will get the point. I use to come to my High School gym one half hour before practice and lay in the middle of the gym and just visualize that the court was mine. Seriously I convinced myself that anything that happened on that court, any ball that came on my side I was personally going to be responsible for. Nothing was going to fall in defense and no one was going to dig my hits. I think something worked because we made it to the California State Championships for the first time my senior year.

I chose to to come early and/or stay late to exercise my mental skills but I also did it to practice serving and individual wall drills for setting and passing as well.

2. Turn Yourself Into the Team's Most Effective Server.

Read the article the “Top 5 Places to Serve After a Team Timeout" to learn how to become Your team's most effective server.

3. Rent the DVD Movie “Rudy" starring Sean Astin. . . Watch it . . . then adopt his “never quit" attitude. Period. Yeah it's a football movie - but it's the best one you will ever see AND you'd be surprised how many conditioning drills in football are similar to the ones we do in volleyball. Just watch the movie.

4. Go After EVERY Ball in Defense.

Adopt the “Rudy" attitude in defense and make any ball in defense YOUR ball. Nothing falls around you or in your immediate area. take pride in TRYING to get every ball up so your team has another chance to play it and make a point or side out.

5. Become a Backrow Quarterback.

Talk to your teammates and give them valuable information about what is developing. Direct traffic by calling out plays you see developing. This isn't difficult because many times a backrow player - if concentrating can see a play developing just like the front row player or sooner. So if you see the Right Front player sliding over to run the “X " Don't keep this information to yourself! Call it out “Watch the X" Watch number 15 coming around" Say it Loud enough so everyone can hear it.

If you see the fake “X" developing which is what alot of setters call after running the X “Call it out" out loud. . . "watch number 15 coming around for the fake X". Let the blockers here you, let your defense hear you. . . just commentate.

Secrets? There are no secrets on the court. Let your teammates know what to expect. If a player goes through the front row rotation and all the points she made were by wiping off the block or hitting cross court, the next time she rotates up to the Left Front YOU go up and out loud and tell YOUR front row blockers in a LOUD voice “Hey that #15 the last time hit everything Xcourt. Be ready for her Xcourt attack. "

Besides this being a very good way of “getting inside" your opponent's head it let's your coach know that you are a smart volleyball player that is making yourself aware of what is going on in the game and is doing what it takes to help your team win. Question: How Tall do you have to be a good Backrow Quarterback? Answer: Size just doesn't matter!!!!

April Chapple is a former International Indoor and Beach Volleyball Professional. After many years of playing with and against Olympic and World Champions in Europe and the U. S. April has created, owns and publishes Volleyball Voices and April's Beach Volleyball Blog the first virtual volleyball mentoring communities where all female volleyball players come to write their stories. To learn more from and about players who play-visit and , . To vote on the best Volleyball Photography visit today!


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