Things To Remember While Buying a Bicycle Wheel


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Most Important Part Of a Bicycle The first thing that comes to mind on thinking about bicycles is the wheel. Bicycles are actually the simplest vehicle to run on a pair of wheels. To think about it. the name bicycle itself stamps the importance of bicycle wheel – it means two wheels. Innovations in wheels have played an important part in bringing out generation changes in bicycle history. High Wheel Bicycle. High Wheel Tricycle. and Pneumatic Tire Bicycle – all these developments have revolutionized the bicycle industry at some or the other point.

What Makes Up A Bicycle Wheel Although bicycle wheel seem as a simple tool to many. yet it is a combination of several small parts that work together to make a bike run.

1. Hub: It is the central part of the bicycle wheel and can be seen as the nucleus of the wheel. It is also the part where the axle gets connected to the wheel. These days. aluminum is the preferred building material for hubs.

2. Spokes: They are thin rods or wires used to connect the hub to the outer bicycle wheel. Stainless steel is used to build bicycle spokes as besides being strong. it is rust-free.

3. Nipples: They are small cylindrical sockets used to connect the spokes to the bicycle rim. Aluminum and brass are the preferred material for making nipples.

4. Rim: It is the outer circumference of the bicycle on which the tire rests. It is connected to the hub through spokes. Traditionally. steel was the preferred material but it has now been replaced by aluminum as it is provides better braking.besides being rust-proof and light.

Things To Remember While Buying Bicycle Wheel As there are several building materials available for each wheel part. one needs to know the things that can harm in the long run :

1. Hubs carved out of solid billets (using milling machines) have weaker flanges; even through they look more attractive.

2. Zinc or chrome plated spokes should be avoided as they are susceptible to rust and are also weak.

3. One should avoid using aluminum as the building material for case the rim is also build out of aluminum. This is to prevent chemical welding from taking place due to usage of same material.

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