Saddle Posture And Selection Are Very Important For Cycling


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Saddle posture and selection are two important riding needs. The chances of minimized saddle sores and reduced crotch pressure can be obtained by choosing the right saddle and the right posture. Saddle selection depends on your riding technique, but still, there is no saddle posture that fits all.

The saddle is recommended to be able to enable the “sit bones" to support the body’s weight on a saddle, which means that is should be wide enough. A very narrow seat, for men, is harmful because the body weight is placed on the soft tissue. Because women have wider sit bones, the saddles are a little wider in the main sitting area.

Seats can be either flat or slightly curvaceous. Position problems can be created, for example by sharp curvatures, because it places the sit bones below the saddle’s center, adding to crotch pressure. 6 degrees of curvature or less is ideal.

Thickly padded saddles should be avoided by riders because in a long run they can get very harmful. Also, a rider can choose from wedge shaped or gel padded saddles. To select the best comfort level, there is no simply way but to ride on a selected design. Because some bike shops provide a test ride program, it’s easier to return the saddle back if you are unsatisfied.

Mastering the style or riding and positioning is imperative for increased comfort. For example, for some, it’s much more comfortable a saddle that is slightly off-center, compared to the top tube, while others need to adjust their sitting angle. If the nose of the saddle is discomforting the rider should be able to tilt the saddle slightly to the right or the left.

Moving on or off the saddle can help avoiding constant pressure and discomfort. Also, while climbing over a plateau you can stand up and pedal for short periods of time because this ensures proper blood circulation through the body.

Cultivating good habits can ease your riding on the road. Trying to seat yourself on the wider area of the saddle is one good habit. Also, the use of shock-absorbing seats for better comfort is considered to be a good habit. It is recommended not to overload yourself with unnecessary backpacks because it only increases the difficulty of adjusting weight making posture. The same problem can be experienced by obese people.

Also, the physical strength ability to handle bike skillfully, knowledge of traffic laws are the four important requirements for safe cycling. For each of these requirements the cyclist must lay some effort. But in the long run, these skills will stand him in good stead.

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