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Fly fishing is a method of angling developed more especially for salmon and trout, but now it is used to catch other kinds of fish. It's called fly fishing because it uses artificial flies tied to a hook to attract salmons and other fish as well. So, if you are into fly fishing for salmon for the first time or thinking to engage in such interesting activity, then you should know some important things to help you get started.

Salmon fly fishing is particularly different from trout fly fishing; therefore you can’t use the following tips for trout as they are intended only for salmon.

  • Make sure that the flies you are going to use are heavier; otherwise your flies will remain afloat.

  • Location is essential for a successful catch. Have your salmon fly fishing to the area where salmon prefer to have a rest. Or if your preferred location is swarming with salmon already, why bother looking for their resting place anymore, right? If you are not getting any local advice as to where to point out your lies, then go for deep runs with the use of a sinking line or a sink-tip line.

  • Use lure instead of insect imitations. Your fly should be moving as if it is a small fish swimming around waiting to be taken.

  • Salmon fly fishing might give you an experience of a lifetime where in you have to fight a battle against huge salmon or king salmon. This challenging event should be faced with enough preparation, like making sure that your gears and most especially your arms are strong enough to hold on to the larger kind among the salmon species.

  • It is important to use a sink-tip fly line so as to get the fly down in running water.

  • The best time of day to fish, where in you can expect a catch is dusk or dawn or you can do it from dusk until dawn if you can, but you can still fish anytime of the day.

  • The common advice in keeping connected with a salmon is to just let the fish take the line and then tighten your grip a little without a forceful strike.

  • When fighting with a salmon, move downstream so that the fish has to fight against the pressure of the bent rod and would exert more effort against the river of the current.
  • The above mentioned tips on salmon fly fishing are just some of the many tips you can learn as your interest for salmon fly fishing gets more and more intense. Once you start going out for salmon fly fishing trip, you can get additional techniques from other fishermen whom you spend time together fishing and who are more experienced.

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    Fishing for Salmon? Do You Know the Different Salmon Species?
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