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You have spent the vast part of your life in the outdoors. As a young person you played football or some other high intensity sport. Your knees are gone and the other parts of your body are trying to follow them as rapidly as possible. Maybe you have contracted arthritis or have a bad back or some other type of degenerative condition. You still enjoy hunting although your eyesight is also slipping fast. You do not quit but you adapt.

Atv's are a reminder that you can still get along quite nicely in the deer woods. There are deer loaders that attach to your ATV that will load the deer for you. Many different types of ramps are offered to load your ATV. Winches are offered for sale in the event that you get stuck and your back is not feeling up to par that day. Machinery will do the work for you,

If your eyesight is fading there is help. Modern binoculars and scopes can really add years to your eyes. Smaller caliber rifles can now be used to take game that in years past might have been marginal. Because of improved bullet design these same rifles will really put a deer down. The reduced recoil from these rifles is a big help for people with shoulder problems. Recoil reducers are also available to help diminish the effects of the big boomers. Packs that distribute weight more effectively are also available. Reduced loads for firearms are now even being marketed.

As time marches on so does the ravages of time that affect your hearing. Hearing enhancers are offered to the public. Some products not only enhance your hearing but also shut down when noises above a certain level are present. Products are also offered that help maintain

the small amount of hearing that you have left. Many shooters suffer from hearing problems that are a direct result of not wearing hearing protection during their youth.

There are hoists available to the public that negate the problems of lifting a deer up for weighing or skinning. After the shot and the animal is down there are many products that are offered to reduce the strain of transporting the animal back to camp. Game hoists and deer haulers with wheels make life easier for the older or disabled hunter.

While there are effective and safe ways to ascend a tree most people in this stage of their life would rather hunt from the ground. Many comfortable ground blinds are available that offer shelter from the weather and are easy to get in and out of. There are camera systems that make it much easier to scout an area. Place a camera in several locations and determine which site has the most deer traffic. Many hours of leg work and walking can be saved by trying this method.

For those who have trouble pulling a bow string back there are crossbows available which are

easier on the body. A vast array of radios are offered for instant communication in case of trouble. Self contained heaters are offered for the comfort of those that might require extra heat. Heated socks and best quality outerwear can either make or break a hunt on those frigid days. Hot camp shower systems can be purchased. These products can negate the practice of taking sponge baths in 30 degree weather.

Comfortable cots and superior bedding material can almost guarantee a good nights sleep.

Superior tents can contain these articles and much more Tents are available that are comfortable and will shed the weather and will not blow down during heavy winds. Many products are offered to the consumer to make life easier for all. Make use of these products and never stop in your attempts at successful hunts in the field even though your body might be deteriorating or slowing down. There is help out there.

Steve Graham is an avid hunter and fisherman and shares his experiences and opinions through his articles.


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