The 22 Rimfire


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This is not a kid's firearm. While many of us were given 22 caliber rifles as sub adults the qualities of this rimfire carries over into adulthood. This rimfire is just plain fun to shoot.

Recoil is nonexistent and cartridges are inexpensive. Do you have fond memories of shooting at tin cans with this firearm as a youngster? Many shooters start out their shooting careers with this caliber. Long sessions at the shooting range can correct shooting problems brought on by high recoiling rifles. Bad rifle handling characteristics and shooting techniques start life with heavy recoiling rifles. Shooting a 22 can be enjoyable because they are intrinsically very accurate. They are much more accurate than their larger relatives.

Practicing with a 22 rimfire allows you to develop correct shooting techniques. The fact that it does not beat you into submission after every practice session is also a plus.

This round offers plenty of power for small varmints and snakes. The sound of the round going off does not cause permanent hearing damage. I believe that the cartridge comes in several lengths. When I was a kid there were three offerings to the cartridge. Short, long and long rifle filled the gap nicely for a kid out for adventure in the woods. Snake populations could be reduced in Dad's stock tank. Squirrels were on the endangered list when the 22 was in their vicinity. Rabbits could not outrun the speedy 22 rimfire. I think many sportsmen today developed a love for the outdoors and the shooting sports because of their affiliation with the 22 rimfire.

Dad gave me a 22 rimfire for Christmas one year in my youth. The rifle was a single shot bolt action that had a knob that had to be pulled back before the rifle could be fired. I wore that little rifle out in a few short years. Before I reached the age of twelve Dad presented me with a 22 rimfire revolver. Though not as accurate as the rifle the little revolver brought many a menace to extinction.

As you grow older I believe that you have a tendency to expect and use bigger rifles. These fire breathing dragons cannot compare to the little 22 rimfires. The larger caliber firearms belch and spew out recoil and high levels of noise. The little 22 rimfire is a gentle and soft alternative to these big cannons. I guess that you never outgrow the kid that is in you. No matter how old you become you still have fondness for that special little rimfire. A set of memories that cannot be tarnished through time still exists for that fine firearm.

Steve Graham is an avid hunter and fisherman and shares his experiences and knowledge with others.


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The 22 Rimfire
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