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When it comes to developments in sports entertainment, without a doubt, fantasy football has been one of the biggest trends over the past few years. With its invention occurring over forty years ago, fantasy football never really found a strong fan base until the explosion of the internet. Now, fans across the world are united, watching their games with their laptops ready, making trades and shouting as if they were Wall Street stockbrokers.

Its origin is credited to Bill Winkenbach, an Oakland Raiders partner who discussed his idea for the game with reporters in New York. They created the rules, and fantasy football was born. Years later, the internet is abuzz with thousands of sites dedicating themselves to the latest stats and news regarding players, allowing fans to get an edge at beating their friends. Fantasy football consists of individually governed leagues consisting of around 10 to 12 players. Drafts are chosen from the NFL roster and from week to week, you face off one on one versus other players to see who's dream team performs the best that week. Points are tabulated, and a winner of the league is crowned based on their win-loss record versus the other players. Many sites offer the opportunity to set up a league free of charge with extra stats and updates sometimes being offered for an extra charge.

You don't need to perform your fantasy football league online, either; you can simply download a rule book for the game and do it pen-and-paper style with your friends. The online connectivity offers an option to compete with the best of the best throughout the nation, with some sites even having cash prize championships on who can draft the best league. Fantasy football offers some much needed interactivity when it comes to watching a football game; when you've got your pride on the line, you're definitely going to get more into games. Plus, you don't need to draft a team; you can pick and choose from players across the league, making games that would normally seem uninteresting a matter of fantasy league life and death. All in all, it's highly recommended if you're a football fan that's looking to add a little excitement to watching the sport.

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