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Bungee jumping has been around a while now, and is becoming more popular. Nobody seems to be able to agree about whether or not it's a true sport, but it's hard to deny that certainly is an extreme form of recreation. Anyone who does a bungee jump does so knowing that they may well be risking both life and limb. But if you'd like the thrill without quite so much risk, then bungee trampolining may be just what you're looking for.

There comes a day when the kids are a bit too big for a bounce house at their party, or perhaps you want to entertain a group of adults. That's where the bungee trampoline comes in. Mind you, this exciting pastime isn't just restricted to private parties any more - giant sized trampolines are beginning to show up at carnivals, theme parks and even shopping centers. It doesn't matter where it is, a bungee trampoline certainly will give anyone a thrill if they're brave enough to have a go.

Basically, a bungee trampoline is basically a regular trampoline and some bungee jumping apparatus combined together. Two tall poles are attached to the side of a standard trampoline, and the bungee cords are attached to the tops of the poles. The jumper climbs into a bungee harness that is positioned in the center of the trampoline, with the harness attached to the bungee cords. Then the jumper starts to bounce on the trampoline, just the same as you would on any standard trampoline. The technician supervising the jumper gradually tightens the bungee cords, so that the jumper experiences more push when jumping.

The result is that the person can jump a great deal higher than normal on the trampoline. Recent bungee trampoline designs even allow the jumper to perform tricks as they bounce up into the air. It's still only possible to do simple rotations and spins, but it still makes the whole experience a lot more exciting than just jumping up and down. If you're looking for something fun and exciting to have at your next party, then take a look at hiring a bungee trampoline. The only hard part will be keeping things under control, because everyone will want a go!

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