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Canada is known as offering some of the best angling in the world. Rainbow trout angling in Canada is no exception.

One of the most delicious freshwater fish regularly caught by sport fishermen is the rainbow trout. While not the largest fish available in many lakes and rivers, the rainbow trout can still be a rewarding catch because of its prevalence as a game fish in most of the world. Rainbow trout angling Canada is a great trip to take – and one that makes for a memorable experience.

Rainbow trout are scientifically known as Oncorhynchus mykiss. There are other common names for this fish, and they include steelhead and redband trout. Native to North America, they tend to reside in rivers west of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the Pacific Ocean and the Great Lakes. Rainbow trout are also native to some parts of east Asia – but they have been introduced artificially to every continent except for Antarctica. Rainbow trout are similar to salmon in that they return to their hatching grounds to spawn, and they are eaten in many different Western cuisines.

Rainbow trout angling Canada offers sport fishermen many different locations to pursue this fish. Fly angling for rainbow trout can be found in many of the provinces, but one in particular is British Columbia. This west coast province offers salmon and char as well as rainbow trout, but in the area north of Vancouver, it's especially known for the rainbows. The Quesnel Lake Watershed, which includes many different lakes and streams, holds tons of rainbow trout just waiting to be caught. Quesnel Lake was formed by glaciers during the ice age, and it is very deep – 2000 feet deep to be exact. It is 80 miles long, with over 360 miles of shoreline for great angling. Here, guided river angling can include both wading and boating into the lakes and rivers, and the angling season here takes place from May to November each year. Quesnel Lake is only reachable by airplane, making it the perfect secluded angling retreat.

Choosing rainbow trout angling Canada over other types of fish means that you'll have a unique experience different from the usual salmon and Northern Pike angling (though you're welcome to do that too in this area). Rainbow trout, with their beautiful iridescence and use in food preparations make a great catch for any fisherman. The beautiful serene atmosphere of the Quesnel Lake area and the surrounding Caribou Mountains make this the perfect place to get in some serious rejuvenation time.

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