Eliminate A Golf Slice - 3 Keys


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Golfers can find many tips to eliminate golf slice. The best tips, however, should come from the combined knowledge of golf professionals and enthusiasts. There are actually three key concepts that should be remembered when it comes to eliminating the golf slice.

1. Proper way of bearing the shoulder

Proper golf bearing or stance should squarely fall within the width of the shoulder. Shoulders should be properly aligned at the striking range of the player, seeing the target golf ball as the main consideration.

In a proper stance, the right foot is pointing straight ahead on its own side, while the left foot is slightly dented to the left.

This proper placing of the feet should be assisted by properly aligning the elbows. The elbows of the players should be kept in their most natural possible position. This will give a solid and well-grounded stance for the play.

2. The power grip

Golf slice can be immensely eliminated through the proper way of holding the golf club. The golf club should be held by the left hand of the player, while the thumb is in parallel with the shaft.

Further, the line between the left hand's thumb and index finger must be pointing to the player's right eye field.

And finally, the right hand should be wrapping the left hand, with the remaining part of the left thumb touching the right palm.

3. Proper swing mechanics

And last in the list of key concepts is the proper execution of swing mechanics. Proper golf swing mechanics is a vital part in eliminating golf slice.

A correct golf backswing normally starts with the proper implements of the hand while at game mode. The hands are then followed by the arms, then by shoulders, in creating a whole smooth movement.

The proper downswing, on the other hand, begins with the hips, with the eyes focusing on the ball, while the head staying behind the ball.

When properly practiced, the swing mechanics would really be a good method for taming the golf game.

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