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If you want to rule on the basketball court then this program is for you. You can easily increase your vertical leap with this system. Increase your vertical leap at least 6 inches in 90 days with this program or you will be rewarded by the creator. The only way to help your vertical is to learn from someone who has increased theirs.

You vertical leap stems from your calf muscles. There are certain exercises you can do to strengthen these muscles. Here are some tips on increasing your vertical leap without any special packages. However, if you are really serious about your vertical jump, I would suggest checking out the vertical leap program by clicking the link below.

1. Jumping rope really works well. Be sure to jump from your toes as this will work your calf muscles.

2. Practice you vertical leap. If you want to perfect something all you need to do is practice.

3. Sprinting helps develop your calf muscles as well because when you sprint you dig into the ground with your toes and when you push off the ground it strengthens your calf muscles.

4. One last exercise you can do to that will increase vertical leap performance is to stand on the edge of a step with only your toes and push up and down. For even more toning hold onto some weights when doing this.

There you have some simple exercises to increase your vertical leap. This will work, but owning a proven system will give you the results you want in much less time. The difference between training yourself and following a program is that this program has been proven to work. Take your pick.

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How to Increase Vertical Leap Ability
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