But ATV Helmets Make My Hair Look Flat

Marsha Maung

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When you’re educating youths or young kids about ATVs, the first few things you’ll have to introduce to them is their safety. And when it comes to safety, ATV helmets play a tremendously huge role that can potentially save their lives in dangerous situations. Of course, your kids might argue that they don’t need ATV helmets because they are going to be ‘extremely careful’ when riding their ATVs. But this is not enough; you will have to tell them.

In fact, usage of ATV helmets is not only YOUR rule when it comes to riding the ATV, it’s also a government rule. Depending on the state that you live in, the odds are that ATV helmets are required for ATV riders and their passengers.

How to make your kids understand the important of ATV helmets

ATV helmet can save lives…this is one fact that you will have to spend considerable time educating your kids on. Despite their arguments and contentions that they will be extremely careful whenever they ride their ATVs, reinforce and drive home the point that JUST IN CASE their judgment, other people’s judgment, their level of skill and luck fail them, the ATV helmets that they wear on their heads will make sure they come home in one piece.

With advancement in technology, ATV has become considerably safer than many other outdoor or off-road sports, but despite that fact, it remains a physically challenging sport and requires deep concentration, focus and skill. Being human beings, there are times when our skill will leave us. And that nanosecond when we falter, things can happen. The ATV helmet’s role is to protect you during those moments.

Don’t just tell them why ATV helmets are important, show them!

If you’re a parent who is also a keen ATV enthusiast, never let your kids see you ride your ATV without YOUR helmet. Never, and I mean never! They only need to see you ride your ATV without your ATV helmet once and you’re giving them one excuse NOT to wear theirs. Therefore, be a good example and show them that because you value your life and appreciate the importance of ATV helmets, you’re consistently using it to safeguard yourself.

But ATV helmets make my hair look so flat!

This is a common excuse for youths who want to look cool riding their ATVs. They may look cool when they have their ATV helmets on…but they won’t impress anyone when they take their ATV helmets off! true enough, looks is very important to youths and particularly teenagers. But let them know that they won’t look any better without their ATV helmet if anything was to happen to them.

One thing that parents can do is to let the kids choose their own ATV helmets. This way, they can choose the nicest design they can get their hands on. If they were the ones who have chosen the ATV helmets themselves, the chance of them saying that he ATV helmet is uncool is less likely. And chances are, they’ll wear it…flat hair or not.

Helmets are the single most effective means of preventing head injuries that result in death or permanent disability. The helmet you put on your head may be only thing responsible for saving your life when your own judgment, skill and luck have failed to keep you from harm. That is why choosing the right helmet is so important.

Marsha Maung is an ATV enthusiast enthusiastically promoting ATV riding as a sport and family activity! She runs and is one of the staff for one of the hottest and fastest-growing ATV sites right now. . . http://www.atv4kids.com Upload and share pictures, articles, views, advice, reviews, ideas, tips and tricks to ATV riding with other ATV enthusiasts through ATVspace, http://www.atv4kids.com/atvspace


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