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Hockey equipment includes all the equipment, gear and clothing necessary for hockey players to have when playing the game of hockey. Earlier players used to wear a woolen turtleneck and a pair of boots. Now with increased technological advancements, hockey equipment and clothing have improved. These improvements have increased the speed and intensity of the game, as well as the safety of the players.

For a hockey match, the most basic thing required is an oval shaped ice rink. These rinks can be natural or constructed manually using huge freezers. The other equipment used by players includes pucks, skates and hockey sticks. Safety equipment like goalie masks, helmets, gloves and padding provide protection to the players.

Early ice hockey players would strap blades onto their boots to play the game. Nowadays, skates come in a one-piece design with permanently attached steel blades. Hockey sticks were originally made from wood, but today are made of carbon and Kevlar. Some players say the space age material gives more power to shots, while others think that it is fragile and expensive. The carved blade of the stick provides more power and lift to the shots . It was first developed in 1960 and is the standard design today. The puck is a flat and round piece of hard rubber used to score goals. It is frozen before play to prevent it from bouncing during play.

The game of hockey is very popular in North America, Canada and several European countries. With an increase in the popularity of the game and various professional teams, the demand for hockey equipment has also increased. Today, many people are buying it for personal us, but also because they can be collectible pieces of sports memorabilia.

From the days when players wore simple woolen sweaters, hockey equipment has come a long way. The designs of this equipment are always being updated, as well. The equipment manufacturers are witnessing increased sales, especially during hockey championships such as the Stanley Cup. With the increased popularity of the game, the demand is expected to grow even further.

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