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Discipline Of Getting Things Done!

Grant Thorpe

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Here are my secrets on the discipline of getting things done and how to ramp up your Dollar Productive Activity so it pays off in thousands of dollars per month. The very first key to being dollar productive starts by first measuring the amount of activity you get done in a day and then out of all that activity how much of it was dollar productive and how much just serviced the dollar earning tasks. In Real Estate we know that not one magic thing delivers the sale but a whole raft of activities add up to creating the opportunity. The scary thing is, that if just one of these tasks is not completed properly or forgotten, then that one small item can cost the whole sale. For easy figures, let's assume the average commission in your office is $10,000, Under this theory that means if you lose the deal for one forgotten or poorly executed task then that single mistake just cost you $10,000

While this may seem basic stuff the average real estate agent manages their time poorly and fails to prioritise the Dollar Productive Activity from amongst the masses of balls they have juggling in the air at one time. So out rolls the ‘to do’ list. The secret here is to write out your ‘to do’ list at the end of every day, and to do this in a proper wire bound journal. A book like this is essential, it keeps the pages intact in one place but also allows you to tear out a page and discard it if it is no longer relevant. Write down absolutely everything you need to do that next day. The beauty of this is exercise is that by writing it all down, you mind will register that it is in safe hands and literally stop worrying about it until you pick up the list the next morning. This one simple effect will ensure you a stress free ‘good night sleep’. Something a lot of Real Estate agents haven't experienced for a while!

The list should include everything you need to do the next day, from simple things like getting a haircut or posting a specific letter to having to call a particular person. It should also include any tasks that need to be delegated away from you to your support staff. Which should be everything except the Dollar Productive Activity. Recognise that every task on the list represents the $10,000 commission and needs to be completed by the end of the day. Get excited about ticking off the list and measuring how much activity you complete and better still generate by getting things started.

It's a lot like my analogy with referrals and throwing the pebbles in the pond. The more tasks you complete (the more pebbles you throw in the pond) the more ripples to travel out. These ripples are the activity the tasks generate or the results from them being completed, and then they travel across the pond and come bouncing back to you! With this focused activity, even more success will be attracted back to you.

It's all about increasing your work rate with productive activity not about being busy. I like the saying that goes “most people are too busy working to make any money"

Measure you day in 15 minute intervals and see how productive you can be in each of these segments. A lawyer will charge say $300 an hour in one tenth of an hour intervals or lots of 6 minutes. They guarantee they maximise their charge out time to the minute, so why aren't you? One of the main reasons Top Real Estate agents earn so much more is that they simply do the core tasks better and more often than everyone else! And when you realise that a task completed and built into the DNA chain of a successful sale can produce that extra $10,000 many times over during the year, it's little wonder that 6% of real estate agents earn 94% of the money. So start today by getting your act together with you ‘To Do’ list, prove to yourself that you can create a disciplined process with this idea.

Grant Thorpe is an internationally recognized achievement based Real Estate Coach, Mentor and Professional Speaker.

His specialty as a coach is working with high performing entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, corporations and salespeople from around the world. With a Real Estate coach, you will heap success on success until you gain the balanced and rewarding life you desire and know you deserve.

Read more about the results Grant Thorpe can achieve for you on his website at

Listen to his audio series Grant Thorpe is the author of the book ‘Easy Million Dollar Idea', download your free copy from


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