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Dealing With A Diva Advocate Who Wants To "Kill A Deal"

Scott Daniels

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We`re closing on a beautiful condo located in St. Augustine Beach. The Realtor representing the seller has fought with us tooth and nail over absolutely nothing!

Her first mistake was allowing us to select a Title company because she wanted our buyer to pay for title.

No problem we complied and selected Transfer Title, who handles all of our Title work for years.

The Realtor thought because we were out of her area, we would be forced to select her title company thereby having her cake and eating it!

When that didn`t happen she attempted to kill the deal! Only one problem, I kept explaining to her that our executed contract didn`t indicate we had to use a local title company, it only mentions that we have to close in the county that the condo is, which we`ve done.

Her next “Missy Fit" was over the fact our contract states that all contents of the condo remain, she sent us an addendum asking for a chandelier that the seller decided they wanted, when we refused and explained that the buyer wants that chandelier, she again blew up in a fit of rage!

Throughout this ordeal I kept asking her what she was accomplishing by acting like a “Diva Advocate".

Yesterday, we sent over the preliminary HUD-1 statement, and she blew up over a $200 escrow of an unpaid water bill!

The conversation is as follows:

Diva Advocate: Why must my client have $200 in escrow over the water bill, you and you`re title company are cheating the seller!

Me: The escrow is necessary the water bill is unpaid, the difference will be sent to the seller!

Diva Advocate: OH NO! We don`t do things like this here!

Me: Look if it really bothers you so much have the sellers attorney contact the Title company, I`m not the Title Company, nor is this part of our business. I`m the Realtor, you`re the Realtor, I just want to close!

Diva Advocate: It`s my DUTY to watch out for my sellers interest, this is unfair!

Me: From what I heard the seller is fine with the $200 held in escrow, this is all about you and what you believe you should be doing, again, let the transaction close and do the job you were hired to.

Most Realtors understand we sell Real Estate, we`re not the attorney, nor are we supposed to be!

Our jobs are very simple we bring “Buyers and Sellers" together and receive a commission for doing so.

Being an advocate isn`t part of our job description, yet many Realtors continue to believe that we`re here to sabotage our own closings! Can someone tell me why?!

What happened to the words “Thank You"?

scott daniels
florida list for less realty, inc.

buying and selling real estate in florida

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