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Three House Flipping Tips for Beginners


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One of the most difficult parts about flipping houses is learning the ropes when you first start. Because it’s something new that you have little experience doing, it can be intimidating. What follows are three of the most important tips for beginners to learn when they start out with the goal of flipping houses to make money.

1) Know *Exactly* How Much You Can Sell The House for After It’s Fixed Up

This sounds like common sense, but many beginners make the mistake of just guessing how much they’re going to be able to sell the house for after they fix it up. Knowing the selling price ahead of time is the surest way to guarantee that you’ll make money by flipping the house. On the other hand, misjudging how much you can sell the house for after the fix up is the quickest way to lose a ton of money. Often people are too optimistic about the selling price and don’t factor in all the variables that determine how much a house will sell for.

2) Know *Exactly* How Much it’s Going to Cost to Fix Up the House

Probably the biggest mistake people make when they flip a house is underestimating how much it’s going to cost to get the house fixed up to sell it. It is vitally important to be as thorough as possible when looking into the cost of the fix up. Sometimes unexpected expenses can make the difference between losing money and making money on house flip. The worst part is when the cost of the fix up is so much that it causes the house flipper to ask too much for the house. This will not only cost money, but will keep the house on the market much longer than desired.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Make Low Ball Offers

Beginners in real estate and house flipping sometimes are easily intimidated and are more concerned with not upsetting the real estate agents and the sellers. Remember, you’re in the house flipping business to make money, not make friends with the sellers. If you allow yourself to be intimidated by the sellers, or by angry agents who get upset with low offers, you’ll make money much slower than if you have the guts to make low offers. is a site devoted to teaching people how to make money by flipping houses .


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