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Banking Solutions For Rocky Point Real Estate


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In order to make good businesses, money is not the only thing which is required, many other things are necessary. One of them, perhaps the most important, is a full knowledge of the winding road of legal issues and procedures in a complex market such as that of real estate.

To achieve this, Puerto Peñasco already has the solution: a fiduciary service with external consultant of Banco Interacciones, so that investors may take firm steps, even in turbulent times such as those presently being experienced throughout the world.

And it so happens that the key is in this bank's philosophy, besides a deep knowledge and professional attitude in all the services it provides, since its representative in Puerto Penasco, Cesar Salazar, in principle states that “our future will change proportionally, in accordance with our attitude and capacity to adapt to the changes which are occurring presently”.

In a conversation with the representative of Banco Interacciones explains the features of the strategic service provided for the tourist real estate business which is outstanding in this region of northwest Mexico.

Fundamentally, fiduciary services to provide solutions for the operation of the present tourist business. We can not think that the solutions provided 2 years ago will work today; therefore, we must up-date our knowledge, we must learn to operate in the present tourist world.

We have to grow as professionals, change old paradigms. Life is constant learning and growth in order to bring about business associations that will enable to make projects more profitable, this attracting foreign investors that wish to acquire Rocky Point Real Estate on Sonoran Beaches.

We firmly believe that the business world operates just like nature, which moves through cycles or seasons. There are springs, summers, falls and winters and all of them fulfill a specific purpose. Presently, perhaps we are experiencing a harsh summer with a draught and perhaps this summer is giving us an uncomfortable feeling which we had not contemplated and we were not prepared for it.

Nonetheless, this should teach all of us who in one way or another are in this sector (tourism) that we must be prepared for these bad seasons; prepare ourselves better as regards what we are doing; provide our services more effectively; become better professionals, or be more professional in the provision of our services.

And he adds:

Every business is based on solving needs or problems. We must understand that due to diverse situations, the tourist business in 2008 operates very differently from tourism in previous years.

Therefore, if our function as services providers is to solve needs or problems, we must then realize that the way of solving those needs or problems is different.

We must provide solutions to the operation of the present tourist business. We can not think that the solutions of two years ago will work presently. Therefore, we must up-date our knowledge; we must learn to function in the present tourist world; grow as professionals; change old paradigms. Life is learning and growing constantly.

And your perspectives on the near future?

Our future will change proportionally, in accordance with our attitude and capacity to adapt to the changes which are occurring presently and which are not exclusive of the tourist business. It can be seen in all branches of economy, such as agriculture, livestock breeding, fuels, etc.

Once, during a conference of a well-known Mexican businessman I heard that “if there are no waves, any sailor is a captain. ” Changes or storms that are presently posing problems represent opportunities for each of us to grow as a persons and professionals. The difficult situation we are experiencing at present, will be a sieve like the one used by brick layers or bread makers, but in our case will make opportunists run and the true professionals and entrepreneurs will become established and grow.

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