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The Tenant Move Out Cleaning List


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Cleaning Your Unit for Vacancy

This is always an area of contention between landlords and tenants. Getting the whole security deposit back is a goal for both owners and tenants. If there are no problems then the landlord can rent quickly and without labor cost or management time. We like nothing better! That is why a tenant moving in should fill out the move in inspection report. Its also a good idea to take a digital photo of any damage and burn a CD for the owner or manager to file. It will save time and problems at the move out. Landlords should take the position that tenants own the dirt and damage unless it can be proven that the unit was like that at the move in.

1. All pins, nails, and screws used to hang pictures should be removed, patched and sanded smooth.

2. Be sure to dust and wash dirt and Scuff marks of the Ceiling molding, wall molding, window molding, baseboards, and windowsills

3. Blinds should be wiped clean of dirt and dust.

4. If washing the windows inside and out was a condition to move-in, you must wash them again before your move.

5. Bathroom walls and ceilings must be free of mold and mildew. A product called TSP can help.

6. Kitchen walls can also be cleaned with TSP, or other similar cleaner, to remove grease and grime.

7. All sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers should be scrubbed clean. There should be no soap scum or hair left behind.

8. The inside of the stove and broiler should sparkle.

9. The inside and outside of the refrigerator and freezer should be washed. If you have a freezer that frosts up, it must be defrosted and cleaned.

10. Cabinets and drawers should be emptied and the shelves wiped clean.

11. Closets should be completely empty. That includes hangers and gift-wrap. Be sure to dust any closet shelving.

12. All non-carpeted floors should be scrubbed clean - even the corners. Murphy's Oil Soap works wonders on hardwood floors.

13. Carpets should be vacuumed and any stains cleaned up. Remember to take special care to vacuum up dirt and dust bunnies along the walls and in corners.

14. Decks must be completely cleaned and all drains free of debris

15. Garages must be cleared of all personal property and broom swept. Oil stains should be cleaned up. Use professional products to remove oil residue on garage floors.

16. If you have a yard or garden and the property does not have a gardener then you are responsible for the maintenance. Make sure the grounds are free of debris. If you have been piling up clippings or dead foliage during your tenancy it is your responsibility to remove it, otherwise you will be charged the hauling fees.

17. Do not leave all the trash cans full and a pile of things to be thrown away, have the garbage service pick up or take it to the dump. Trash and personal belongings left behind will be disposed of at your expense.

18. Replace all the light bulbs

Tenants With Pets

1. Animal smells and soils must be removed from carpets. If you believe normal vacuuming or spot cleaning is not enough please give the office a call and we can recommend low cost carpet cleaners that specialize in neutralizing odors and removing pet stains.

2. Remember to remove any pet feces from the yard, garden or surrounding grounds.

3. Fleas are a very big issue for tenants with pets. Fleas live only a small portion of their lives on animals. We recommend a good vacuuming and flea bombing. If you had pets and incoming tenants complain of fleas, you are responsible and will be charged for de-fleaing the unit.

Out Going Tenants
Always notify the owner or manager in writing. Refer to the address and date and sign the letter. Keep a copy for your own records

1. Always keep a copy of the move in inspection report

2. Have a copy of the CD you burned to document move in conditions

3. Be sure the owner or management company has your new address to mail the security deposit

4. Know how any days the owner/manager can keep your deposit before returning it.

5. Keep all receipts for professional cleaning services or any materials you bought to repair of clean

Be Respectful and require the same

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