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Can you move before packaging? Well the answer is no and all know it. Well but some pay little attention to it will others are more alert. Your valuable things are going to move a long distance hence they have to be safe and in excellent condition whence they arrive. As good as they were at their earlier destination.

Packaging has gone technical and more complex but housing household goods is not that difficult. All you need is extra care and the right materials. Please do stuff your belongings in the cases and dump them on the truck. Pay attention to all that is precious to you. Why the warnings? Well for many moving could be stressful and that can lead to haste. Lot of damage can occur if packing is not protective and this could lead to loos of your belongings.

If you are not interested in packaging than a good options is to sell off, donate or abandon the things which you can buy again at the new place of residence. Well coming back to the topic, there are different types of packing materials. Some of the items can be borrowed or rented from friends or the movers. Few other packing materials you have to invest if they are reusable good for you.

The most commonly used materials are cartons, suitcases, bags and pouches, protective packaging and paper or plastic. This you will use along with stuffing like cotton wool, bubble wraps, soft cloth, fillings, sponges etc. If you use these skillfully you could end up saving lot of money. This is a vast technology driven field but we are not concerned with specialized products we are just concerned with what is required for household things. We are also concerned with cost since money has to be paid for the movers as professionals in charge.

Packaging basically is for physical protection against damage during the transportation but than it may be required as barrier against moisture, chemical, heat and for hygiene. All these factors have to be looked into whence you plan to move. To save cost you can group together similar items but for some they may require separate packaging. It is best to avoid hazardous chemicals and even liquids since for the former special permission from concerned department will be required. Cost will go up since the movers will use specialized containers. and they should be authorized for such transportation.

For precious and sensitive belongings tamper proof and labeled packing is a must in order to avoid leak or theft. Whence using the materials to pack environmental consideration should be checked. Whence packing the composition of the materials should be friendly.

As you make a safe journey to another abode see that your belongings all see a new sunrise in absolute safety.

Uday writes on packers and movers in NY in USA hence the article. He also writes on transportation and professional involved in the job. Uday writes often on home related topics.


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