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Tips on Moving Your Appliances Safely

Kamil Jain

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When you are doing a self move without the help of professional movers you not only need to know how to move your furniture safely but also your appliances. Moving your appliances, whether they are small or big, can take a lot of your moving time as you want to make sure that you do not damage or lose any parts, or get any scratches on them.

Small appliances

These include such appliances as your blender, can opener, food processor, mixers, curling iron, coffee maker, and more.

• Clean your appliances and if possible remove the cord. If not, wrap the cord around the appliance and fasten it to the appliance.
• Wrap the appliance in bubble wrap and if the cords are removable label the cord so you will know which appliance it goes to. You can put the cords with the appliance or put all the cords in a separate box as long as the cords are marked correctly.
• Put each appliance in a strong cardboard box but do not stuff the box too full.
• If there are gaps in the boxes fill them with packing peanuts or crushed newspaper.
• Label each box with what is in there and if you have packed them according to what room they go into make sure that is also on the box.

Medium appliances

These include such appliances as your microwave, vacuum cleaner, lawnmower, stereo, etc.

• You should make sure that any of these appliances are unplugged at least twenty-four hours before packing and moving them.
• Wash and clean all the appliances if it is necessary and let them dry totally before moving.
• Take all accessories, hoses, and shelves out and wrap them separately in crushing paper, labeling each one so nothing gets misplace, including the cord if it comes off.
• To keep them from becoming damaged and/or scratched while moving wrap them in cardboard and plastic sheeting.

Large appliances

These include such appliances as your refrigerator, desktop computer, washer and dryer, big screen television, etc.

• Take all cords, hoses, and accessories to your large appliances and wrap and label, then put them all in a box together for moving . Label the box “large appliance accessories” so you know what is in the box.
• Wrap all delicate items in bubble wrap and either pack in truck carefully or in boxes.
• Use a furniture dolly to move the larger appliances.
• On your washer and dryer make sure that you do not do laundry two days before moving and that all the water is out of the washer. You can even use them to store your linens so you do not use extra boxes.

About the author:

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Kitchen Appliances - How Small Kitchen Appliances Can Save You Time And Money!
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