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Moving Advice - People of the USA Express Moving Concerns For Their Plants

Fred McCoy

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Bonsai trees serve as a symbol for trends spawned via Asian culture and tradition, and with the growing interest in how taking care of plants in relation to cultivating ones’ soul, we find that people come up against a brick wall when they have to move out of their zen-home into a new, more chaotic, and vastly different place. When it comes to moving out of your home, you're tired, stressed, and at yours wits end which normally leaves the things that matter the least, forgotten. Plants are no exception to this rule and are usually completely neglected when it comes to moving out of the home. To help all of those whom do care about their plants, I've devised a detail moving plan for getting your sun-loving, carbon-dioxide-eating pals to your new home. The guide is divided into three logical parts:

1. Before the Move - Prepping Your Plant Babies to Move
Now if you don't know anything about plants, let me try to educate you on the basics. Plants need three things to survive: Dirt, Water, and Sunshine. These are all simple things we take for granted but it is amazing how often we forget that plants need these three things when we're about to move into a new apartment. Most people take all of their plants and leave them in a room with all of their other moving materials. This of course means that they don't get sunlight, and occasionally are even deprived of H2O. To avoid this try keeping all of the plants you want to take with you on your front porch so they get lots of sun. If you live in an apartment, move all of the plants near a single window so not only do they get the sun they need, it will be impossible to forget about the tiny rain forest by the window; this way they'll always be taken care of properly. Make sure that you plan to move the plants separately from the rest of your various items. You don't want anything falling on them or blocking them from sunlight in your car.

2. During the Move - Even Plants Get Stressed
Plants have emotions too, surprisingly, and much like small dogs and spiteful cats they hate moving and remain depressed even after arriving in their new homes. To avoid this problem careful steps must be taken during the actual moving process to keep your plants healthy during the relocation. Always make sure to take all your plants separately so that nothing, not even children, can harm the plants in anyway. Line your leather seats with a cheap towel and water your plants beforehand before placing them inside of your car to avoid making a mess and then tracking it onto your new wooden floors. Try to avoid turning on the Air Conditioner so that your plants stay at a comfortable room temperature and make sure to only roll your windows down a crack to avoid strong gusts of winds tearing apart more delicate plants.

3. After the Move - Even Plants Can Get Homesick
Don't just leave your plants out and about when you're finally settling into your new home. Make sure to put them in the same sort of environment they were before or your risk your plants dying faster because they don't know how to cope with their new habitat. Try to re-create the living space for your plants as they had previously in their old home if at all possible.

Those of the USA who express moving concerns can now relax thanks to this guide. Now you can take this new found knowledge about plant transportation and see to it that your plants get to your new home safely and don't react negatively to their new surroundings. Good luck tree-huggers, you'll need the most help if you want to take those Red Woods with you.

Fred McCoy is a person who constantly travels and has an affection for plants. He personally suggests USA Express Moving as a company to get your plants from one place to another with little harm.


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