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Moving Guide Ideas, and Systems to Ease Your Moving Process! Part 1


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This is part 1 of 4 articles geared as a practical schedule for making your move from one home or office to another as convenient as possible.

You've heard of a “holiday season" a Christmas season, and a number of others seasons, but are you familiar with “Moving Season"? Yes, moving season is that time of year when due to the warmer weather, the highest number of people set aside time to move from their home to a different home or even move their business office. They could do it in the winter - and some do - but if you can plan your move, why not stay warm doing it?

Anyone who has moved knows it's a big job - and you'll sweat pulling it off no matter the season. This article (and its 3 additional companions) is designed to perhaps ease your sweat - at least your “mental sweat" that comes from the anxiety of getting ready to move and the fear that you'll either forget to do something or just not know what to do.

Life works better when you have a system. Systems work best when you follow them. What do I mean? Below you'll find a a list of important things to do as you prepare to move and a schedule in which to do them. You can work ahead if you choose, but the bigger issue is not to fall behind. The bottom line is that if you'll just follow the outline below, and keep on schedule, when the day for your move arrives, you'll be ready, and you're stress level will be kept to a minimum.

We'll use some Cooking phrases to make the process easier to remember:

Moving Pre-Season 1: “Prepare your ingredients" - approximately 6-8 Weeks before your move

Yes, it probably seems early to start the process, but do so anyway. Why? Some of the items below will simply take longer than you expect. Start early, and remove your fears.

  • Getting organized is the key for a smooth move and this is the time to start working on the details of your move.
  • If you're going to use professional movers, check with them to ensure your move is scheduled.
  • You'll need to make some organizing decisions: This is the time to decide what items you wish to transport to your new home and what you may want to dispose of. If you decide to dispose of items that you don't need you should either donate them to a charity or consider having a garage sale. Contact a local charity or pick a date at least two weeks before the moving date for the garage sale. Advertise the garage sale and team up with your neighbors who want to sell some of their old belongings and plan a large neighborhood “sale".
  • You may want to consider EBay as well for some items. If so, I'd advise starting a bit earlier than 6-8 weeks - just to be safe.
  • This is the time to begin collecting the moving and packing supplies that you need if you plan to do your own packing or partial packing. The newest and most convenient way to gather your moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and other moving supplies is to do so online. Shipping is usually free and the convenience is priceless. You can also purchase moving boxes or packing supplies at your local box supply stores, or moving companies.
  • If you're using a professional mover but packing the boxes yourself, keep in mind: All boxes that you purchase from a van line agent or a moving supply company are specially designed for the moving industry to prevent any damages to your belongings. Getting boxes from other sources may create some difficulties when packed in the van. These boxes may be unusually sized and may not be strong enough to prevent damages to items packed inside.
  • Give some thought to your new home layout and start thinking about where you'll place the furniture. Create a floor plan of your new home and this will help reduce the stress of making decisions when your furniture arrives at your new home.
  • Get familiar with your new community. Do a Google search, gather info and also request information from the local Chamber of Commerce on schools, community programs, parks and recreation facilities.
  • Set up all travel arrangements (hotel, flights, car rental, etc. ) for your family at this time. Consider using Travelocity, Hotwire or other similar discount travel services. Work at keeping your plan as flexible as possible to accommodate any schedule changes or delays.
  • Keep all receipts for moving related expenses in a designated moving folder. Many moving expenses are tax deductible. Obtain an IRS Change of Address form, Form 8822, by calling (800) 829-1040 or visiting the IRS website at www.irs. gov website. You will be able to download and print form 8822 and most other IRS tax forms; e. g. , Form 3903 to help deduct moving expenses.
  • Are you ready to move out and move in? Finalize all real estate and rental needs.
  • Insurance: Contact your insurance agent to transfer medical, property, fire and auto insurance.
  • Organize your important documents: such as wills, stock certificates, and other one of a kind items (jewelry, coin collection, photos etc. ) with you. All medical and dental records should be placed in a safe and accessible place. Be sure to include prescription and vaccination records. Place the items in one easily identifiable and easy to locate folder.
  • Did you borrow a few items from friends, family or neighbors? Time to return them.
  • Notify schools in the old and new location and arrange for the transfer of school records and begin the process of registering in new schools.

Part 2 will continue the preseason of preparing for your move.

Author Bio: Mark Whyte is a webmaster and entrepreneur. He has moved many times (including internationally) and enjoys helping people Get Organized - closets, garages and more - as well as find just the right Moving Boxes and moving supplies of all types at a great price.


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