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Relocating Soon? Tips To Pack Up Your Home and Office And Move! Part 2 of 2


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We are continuing the discussion on packing your home or office space in the shortest possible time. Moving, whether it's your home or office is no small task. But it can be done with less hassle and time, if you'll understand and follow some basic tips to ease the process. This article is the second in a two part series.

Moving efficiently requires thinking and planning ahead, getting organized and having the right tools at your finger tips to complete the packing and the moving as painlessly as possible.

Boxes aren't enough.

No one in their right mind packs up a box with the intent of moving across town or across the country - only to have everything broken when they arrive. As such, it pays to purchase the right packing materials. Sturdy boxes, Packing Tape, Bubble Wrap, and Packing Paper are well worth the money. Simple items such as a tape dispenser or packing peanuts will help your move progress more efficiently.

With a little effort, moving and packing can be a bit of fun, or at least you can make a mental game of it. . . to the point where you can thoroughly enjoyed taping boxes. That may seem a little weird perhaps, but it can give you a sense of accomplishment and time to daydream and think about your travels and new location ahead. Using enough of the proper moving supplies is a must. Supplement your boxes with massive amounts of packing paper, blankets, moving pads and pillows; even clothing can serve as a buffer between breakable objects.

What else do you need for moving your belongings?

You'll need box or packing tape for protecting and sealing your boxes. Packing tape comes in various styles and colors - some use duct tape, but the more common box tape or packing tape is usually 2-3" wide, clear polypropylene or vinyl and very sticky and there is also paper tape which is very easy to use and tear without needing a tape dispenser. There are many kinds of tape that might be called packing tape, but we use the term to mean only those tapes which are intended for use for moving. Packing tape is available in different grades and the price per roll generally reflects the grade type. As a note of interest, the very lowest economy grade of tape may not be your best value if the tape keeps tearing. Here is a place that you'll want to error on using too much tape rather than skimping. If you are moving any distance at all, a few extra dollars for extra tape is a huge insurance policy against damaging your items.

The Always Fun - Bubble Wrap!

Bubble wrap is ideal for long evenings in front of the fireplace or out on the back porch as you dream away the hours and pop each bubble into the wee hours of the night. . . but more importantly, bubble wrap is designed for moving and protecting glass and other fragile items. Bubble wrap is strong, flexible and transparent, permitting instant product identification. As you know, bubble wrap has air pockets that cushion the fragile items and the plastic prevents water damage. Bubble wrap is an advantageous packing material for small and/or fragile objects. It's very lightweight and will add little or nothing to shipping costs. It becomes a great box filler as well, to avoid the aforementioned “box slop" when you have a little extra room in the box.

Bubble wrap is available at most office supply stores or shipping locations. A padded shipping envelope or a second sealed box filled with packing material can provide similar protection if bubble wrap is not available.

Other Moving Supply Items?

Depending on your move, your distance and whether you are doing the move or hiring professional movers, other important moving - shipping supplies to consider are:
  • Moving blankets for furniture, refrigerators etc,
  • Packing peanuts to quickly fill the “slop" left in boxes, packing paper to wrap many of your items before placing in a box,
  • Tape dispensers for your packing tape (especially the clear tape),
  • And my personal favorite, stretch wrap. What is stretch wrap? Think of the plastic wrap you use in the kitchen - on a larger scale and strength, designed for moving. Stretch wrap will protect everything and anything. It comes in different sizes but you may want the big 5"x1000 foot roll. Great for sofas, tables, dressers and anything you can imagine. You can easily use stretch wrap to combine boxes together, or items on boxes as well as for wrapping of furniture, cushions and the like for protection from scratching and water damage.

So whether you're moving your home or office across town, across the country or across the world, taking the time to plan ahead, get organized and purchase the right moving supplies and tools, will make a huge difference in your efficiency and will reduce your hassle factor. We wish you a great move!

About the Author: Kirby Williams is a webmaster and frequent contributor to the web's premier discount box and moving supplies site at PackUpTheHouse is a portal for all your moving supplies and truck rental needs. When you are planning a move, be it from your homes or business, you'll find just the right moving boxes shipping companies, rental trucks, supplies to get organized, and of course bubble wrap, packing tape and Moving Supplies.


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