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The Secret of Attracting Tenants to your Property without a Marketing Budget

John Jefferson

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If you own a rental property, you probably already know how tough it could be to find good tenants for it. Or if you are new in the business, very soon you will find that out. There will be really serious competition from other landlords, so you should make sure to advertise your property and attract more potential lessees. Once people are aware of your offer, they will come to see it and this is the moment when you have to make perfect good impression. And by making good first impression I mean not only you, but your property as well. So, finding people is only half the job. The other very important half is to spend enough time to get your house or apartment in order and make it look as attractive as possible. Here is how to achieve all this by a few simple procedures.

  • Clean your Property

I know it may sound too obvious, but still I have seen landlords who doesn't pay too much attention to the cleaning procedures. It is vital to welcome the prospective tenants in a fresh and tidy home. Make sure there are no cobwebs on the walls and in the corners, the kitchen counter-tops are shining, the bathroom is in flawless condition, the dust on the shelves is eliminated, carpets and rugs are free of stains and so on. Also spend some time to de-clutter the place. Most tenants hire professional cleaners at the end of lease such as move out cleaning in London specialists to get the place in order. So, sometimes if you are too busy with other stuff, you can also refer to experts before showing your place.

  • Fix any Serous Damages

So, if you are about to show your property to a potential tenant, it must be not only in flawless condition free of stains and bad smells, but also any damages should be fixed. For example, make sure there will be not leaking faucets, broken pipes, blocked drains etc. Tenants pay special attention to these elements and will run away from your place as soon as they find that something is not right.

  • Paint any Rooms if Needed

New paint will give your room a fresh and attractive look and this will not remain unseen by potential lessees. If you are willing to spend some more money, but to impress the person, who is going to visit your property, it is definitely worthy it to paint the whole place or at least some of the rooms.

  • Check the Condition of Appliances, Electrical Fixtures and Safety Systems

This is another important step that should be performed to make sure the fire and burglar systems along with the smoke alarms and other devices are working properly. It is a good idea to arrange a professional to visit the place and inspect the overall condition of the wires and the electrical system. Safety is a top priority for all prospective tenants.

Follow my advices and you will have better chances to grab the attention of the person who is interested in your property. Most of these suggestions will not cost you too much money, but they will really make the difference between an unsightly place and attractive accommodation.


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