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How Important is My Rental History


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If you think that your rental history is not important, think again. This will show prospective landlords exactly what kind of tenant you really are. If you make timely rental payments, this will show what kind of tenant you are, probably a responsible one.

And with great rental history, this will allow you to live where you want and will also allow to get fast approval and lots of incentives. If you decide to take the other route, this will greatly reduce your options and overall apartment selections.

Here are a few items that you might want to be aware of when it comes down to rental history.

What Exactly May be on my Rental History

If you have rented at one place or ten, there will be a trail that will include all of your addresses. If you have ever been evicted from your apartment home or just left in the middle of the night, your landlord my have reported you to one of the 3 credit bureaus. Most potential landlords will require your social security number to run a credit check. They will be able to discern if you have any black marks against you.

Your rental history is also a clear indicator of your future behavior. Your future landlord may also want to contact any of your previous landlords. They will ask what kind of tenant you where. Did you pay rent on time? Did you create any problems for them? Other questions might include if you ever bounced a check or had insufficient funds.

But sometimes the questions may go much deeper than this. Did you damaged anything inside the apartment home or on the premises? Sometimes renters will invite friends or family who cause damage as well. And you will be held responsible for any damages even though you may not have directly caused them in your Conroe apartments for rent .

I Don’t Have Any Rental History

Sometimes this can be better than having a bad one. A history of poor rental history is very difficult to overcome when it comes to leasing an apartment home. Although you may be renting your first apartment home, you have an opportunity to create a strong rental history. A landlord may request you pay a larger security deposit.

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