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Finding an Apartment Rental - How to Rent an Apartment That's Safe For Your Baby


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Trying to rent an apartment can be difficult all on its own, but add the concerns of a new baby to that, and it can be downright stressful. You want the apartment rental to be comfortable, meet the needs of your family, and make sure your baby is safe. To find this, you will need to find out some very important information about the apartment rental you are looking at.

The Apartment Rental's Location

Young children love to play and never seem to be aware of what is going on around them. Try to rent an apartment on a street with minimal traffic. You should also look for a building that is situated farther back on the lot. If something should happen and your child runs out onto the street, an accident will be less likely.

Consider the neighborhood as well. Is it child friendly? Are there amenities close by if you need them? The school should be close by to make it easier for the kids to get to school when they get older. Other amenities such as a play park, local convenience or grocery store, and transit stops are also very important items to have close by.

The Outdoor Play Area

You child will undoubtedly need a place to play outside. This isn't easy when you rent an apartment, but it is still necessary. Take note of the outdoor area. It should be well kept and maintained to avoid outdoor pests. There should not be any sharp objects and any play equipment should be in good shape.

The area should also meet safety standards. Sand or other soft surfaces should be laid around the equipment in case the child falls. Is there fence around the area? You should never let children play outside on their own until they are mature and responsible enough to do so, but these added features can make a big difference if he or she would happen to fall.

Interior Considerations

Lead paint can have serious effects on your child. New buildings shouldn't have lead paint, but you will want to check. This is a large concern for buildings constructed in 1978 and earlier. If you are unsure, you can order an inspection of the unit and require any necessary work be completed.

As you walk through the building, check to see that all of the necessary safety equipment and requirements are in place. If you notice anything that isn't right, you can insist on having the problem rectified before you move in or you can look for another apartment rental. You will also want to take the amount of stairs you have to climb - when your arms are full with your baby and groceries, you'll be upset with yourself if you don't. Another issue when you rent an apartment above the ground floor is the noise your child will make in the apartments below when he or she plays.

Selecting an apartment rental that you can be comfortable and feel at home in is important, but it also needs to be safe and appropriate for your baby. When you rent an apartment, you want to eliminate as many concerns as you can both inside the unit and out. It won't eliminate all of the possible injuries and accidents, but it will certainly help.

Christine O'Kelly is an author for Beal Properties in Chicago , a property management company providing a notable apartment rental. Beal Property LLC rents an apartment in many of the city's historic lakeside neighborhoods.


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