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How to Get Approved For an Apartment With a Felony


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Apartments conduct criminal background checks for various reasons. One of the reasons is to protect the other tenants who live in the same community. You see, apartments managers are graded according to the number of units they are able to keep rented (occupancy rate) and also how successful they at getting the existing tenants to renew their leases. If an apartment is unsafe, or is a regular scene of police activity, the existing tenants are unlikely to want to renew. Another reason of course is to maintain a policty of not discriminating against any prospective tenant. So how can you rent an apartment if you have a felony?

The initial step to take speak with the apartment leasing office manager and inform them of the incident. Let them know in advance that your background check with unearth something. This is a sign of goodwill and will immediately endear the manager to you. This will also create an atmosphere of trust. It is also good to ask what the apartment complex policy is on tenants with felonies.

Another powerful gesture of goodwill which also indicates transparency and trust is writing a letter and submitting it together with your application. You can write it by hand which gives a personal touch or if your handwriting is illegible you can type it. You may staple this together with your application. This letter should explain in your own words the circumstances that led to the criminal conviction. Also explain that you have turned a leaf and that incident is now permanently begind you.

If you have a felony conviction, you may also want to get a number of references. These are reputable people in the community who either know you very well or people who are willing to stake their reputation on you. They can write simple letters which show that they are well acquinted with you and that based on that acquintance, they can confidently say that you are now a responsible and law-abiding citizen. These letters can have the weighty effect of resulting in your approval for an apartment.

Having a felony conviction can be a great hindrance to getting the apartment of your choice and sometimes if you do get it then it might be in a section of the city that you may not have wished to live. There are ways to resolve this as well and one of them is to see whether there are private landlords that are willing to rent to you. Private landlords can be your best bet if you are having trouble being approved for an apartment due to a felony conviction.

Irene James is an internet expert specializing in credit issues and has been helping disadvantaged families and individuals who have credit or criminal histories find housing. Visit for more details.


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How To Conduct Felony Background Check Instantly Online
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