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Why Today is the Best Time to Invest in Land

Gregory Akerman

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There are many people that have been talking about the real estate bubble collapsing within the United States and there are many people that have also been talking about the ensuing global credit crunch that has come about as a result of a similar thing taking place on a national level within the United States. Both of these things are quite true in terms of events that have happened, but rather than making you turn away from investing in land, what they should really be doing is making you look forward to investing in land. The best time to invest in land is most definitely today and there are many reasons as to why this is so.

Supply and Demand

There are many things that power the economic systems of today, but in any relatively free market (and this is what most of the developed world can be considered) the mechanism that still drives prices more than anything else is what is known as supply and demand. Quite simply, supply is a term referring to the amount of a particular commodity that is available and demand refers to the amount of entities that want to acquire that particular commodity. In free market systems, when the supply is greater than the demand the price goes down (known as a buyer's market) and when the demand is greater than the supply the price goes up (known as a seller's market).

Just before the real estate crash within the United States, there were many people looking to purchase property and not that many properties available. This created a seller's market within the country and one that accelerated to such a high pace that it ended up being unsustainable and collapsed in on itself. Nowadays within the United States and elsewhere around the world, there are far more properties to go around than people that want to buy them and that ultimately means that land as a commodity today is a buyer's market. This is the main reason that the best time to invest in land is today. You can purchase it while it is cheap and then keep it when the price rises, selling it later on and acquiring a large amount of money in the process.


Supply and demand is the basis for most of the world's economic systems and that is exactly why you should invest in land when the demand is low and the supply is high, because that will eventually change.

If you want proof of this, all you have to do is look within the United States and the United Kingdom. Both of those countries have had massive real estate meltdowns in recent times that have caused land prices to plummet, but there were companies in both countries that were prepared for this. These were companies that liquidated some of their holdings a year ago in order to have those funds ready to pounce and when the buyer's market hit they gobbled up property extremely quickly. The end result is that they now own a lot of land and when the price of land goes up (as it most definitely will at some point in the future), these companies stand to make a lot of money indeed.

This could be you.

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