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Polk County, Texas Land Investment

Gregory Akerman

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Texas is a state that definitely has a lot going for it in terms of real estate and land values. With a wealth of natural resources, proximity to an ocean that is filled with even more resources and a booming economy that is now fully diversified, it is of no surprise whatsoever that land values within Texas are some of the most promising within the whole country. However, if you really want to strike it big in Texas in terms of land values, the key is really finding a particular county with land values that are priced lower than the market. Then you can make large purchases and wait for the values to increase over the long term. In this particular respect, Polk County is a very real candidate.

The first thing to love about Polk County as far as land investment is concerned is the demographic outlook of the country. The population of the county is only about 45,000 people, spread out over a land area of over 1100 square miles. This in turn means that the density of the county as a whole is less than 50 people per square mile and that in turn means that there is a sparse population that could open itself up to development at a later date. Demographically speaking, Polk County is an excellent candidate for the investment strategy that was outlined in the introduction.

In addition to demographics however, geography is another concern that is really excellent. While Polk County does not have proximity to the Gulf of Mexico as many of the other counties in Texas do, it is approximately 5% water. Counties that have too much water and not enough land are poor candidates for large land purchases at cheap values whereas counties that have water in too little a percentage are missing a big selling point for settlement and development. Polk County appears to be in a geography that is somewhere in between those two extremes and that in turn is very conducive to good land value outlooks in the future.

Another geographical concern about Polk County is that it is home to The Big Thicket. This is an area that is contained partially in Polk County and partially in surrounding counties. It is an area of heavy forest that is considered to be one of the most bio-diverse in the world. This means that Polk County has natural beauty available to it, something that tends to bring both development and people to an area. Once again, this is an excellent prerequisite for making large land purchases.

Finally, Polk County is already home to a lot of infrastructure that would be conducive to further development. There are four major highways that come through Polk County. Three of them are United States Highways (59, 190 and 287) and the fourth one is actually a State Highway (146). With this type of transportation network already available within Polk County, there is yet one more reason to believe that land values in the area have nowhere to go but up.

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